Bing is Testing Out Indexing Twitter Posts

Bing is testing out indexing Twitter posts – not just the Twitter profile page as Google does, but actual Twitter posts, or tweets, as they are known. This is important news and just one more really important reason why Twitter is so important to add to a web presence arsenal in today’s business environment.

Tweets can point to information on your website, outside articles you have written, or industry links and videos. If Bing does roll out massive tweet indexing it will be a real boon for search engine marketeers and spin Twitter use into the stratosphere. Right now Bing appears to be testing the indexing of tweet for only specific Twitter accounts.  

If there has ever been a reason for you to embrace Twitter this is a big one! I have long expected that the interest in Twitter would continue to grow, not only for marketing, but for search engine optimization. I still feel that eventually Google will try to gobble up Twitter this year, but Twitter may end up standing on its own as Facebook has.

As an early embracer of the Twitter medium, I totally “get it” when it comes to Twitter. I really love the application, post frequently during the work week, and love to share, connect, link, and interact with others online on Twitter. I have been able to connect directly with giants in my industry using Twitter, and on top of that, I consider it huge fun.

One of the real values of Twitter is the ability to “know fast”. I knew Michael Jackson and Farrah had died before it was on any of the mainstream news medias. All because of Twitter. I can follow topics and events from around the world. I have experienced the “push” that Twitter can bring for viral marketing myself – picking up 100 new followers on a mini white paper that I did that was then tweeted and retweeted widely in the Twitterverse.

If Bing and then Google decide to roll out indexing tweets, watch out! For all hot new things that are just appearing to be ready to crest, it is best to get involved early and get involved before the curve hits. Twitter is just that appearing to be ready to crest. If you are not on Twitter it is time to think again.

If you really don’t know where to start we do offer a Twitter set up program and ghost twittering program, but really with a little research and time investment you can do it on your own. Just do a search on our blog and website for Twitter and you will find a wealth of information on how you can get started with Twitter and the great applications that help you use Twitter effectively.