AdWords Starter Edition – When to Use It

Google AdWords is not for everyone and every product, but it can be an excellent way to promote your products on the Web. However AdWords set up and management by a professional is an expense and for an untested product or a new service you are thinking of promoting professional set up and management may be too costly for your initial testing.

Enter the Google AdWords Starter Edition! For unusual products never seen in the marketplace, e-books, or unusual services that you wonder is there a market for, there is no better way than to test online marketability than with the Google AdWords Starter Edition.

The Google AdWords Starter Edition is so simple and easy to set up that any business owner can do market testing themselves to find out if there is even interest for their product. Not sure if people will pay $5 for your e-book about your vacation to Paris with your wife? Test it on Google AdWords Starter Edition. Not sure if people will want to buy a magnetic scalp roller that grows new hair – test it!

If you generate clicks AND sales during your test, the next step is to find a professional Google AdWords account manager to set up an AdWords program that will build on your test and really work to market your product. The information that you have garnered in your two week to 30 day test on the Starter Edition will be considered valuable by your account manager and will help them to focus on what has been successful initially and to build on that success.