Facebook Changes Fan or Business Page Look Again

In an effort to blur the difference between fan or business pages and personal profiles even more, Facebook this past week changed how business pages look. The basic behind the scenes control panel for business pages has not changed, but the look and feel has changed significantly.

First, I have to say that I don’t like the new look. Before Business pages had tabs across the top; allowing you good control over helping to focus your user on things that were important to you. Now tabs have gone away, imitating the look of a personal profile, and links to pages have moved to a lower left sidebar. For me, the issue was, if we created a Giveaway tab now this tab is hidden under the “show more options” in the left sidebarĀ and so is not featured as in the old business page look. The end user may miss our giveaway or have to hunt to find it.

One thing I do like is the option to select entities from which you post. Now when you post updates to someone else’s wall, you have the option to choose to be posting from your personal profile or your business page profile. Actually, that is a good thing as when I post on other Business’ walls, my icon and link was to my personal profile. Not my choice but Facebook’s default. Now I can choose. By choosing to post as my business entity, my icon and link matches my Facebook business page and so drives traffic to my page not my locked down, family only, personal profile.

What do you think about Facebook’s new look for Business pages. Click comments and let me know.