New Twitter Background Design How-To

Twitter has moved to a very slim line background profile. If you haven’t visited your Twitter profile in a while and you had done a custom background, you may find that what you had before is cut off and nearly invisible with the new Twitter background space available.

Here are is a detailed explanation of what space you now have for Twitter.

We used to take a 1,920 pixel wide by 1,000 pixel tall canvas and show the company phone and website address in a block starting 25 pixels from the left to 200 pixels from the left. This space has now shrunk to 5 pixels from the left to a maximum of 110 pixels from the left.

The top drop down has also changed. Before we started our content block 70 pixels down from the top. Now we start the content block at 0 pixels or 57 pixels depending on what type of graphic you will be using. You may have to tweak a few things on your background based on the visual elements you are using, but this gives you a starting point.

The big issue is that background space has shrunk from 200 pixels to 120. This means that your previous Twitter background will look bad with the new interface design. In fact your company information that previously used to show may be cut off. There just isn’t much real estate for personalization at this point, but you can still use what is there to tie in with your website brand colors and Facebook Business page profile.

If you use HootSuite or TweetDeck to update your Twitter account, now’s the time to look at what your profile at looks like so you can make sure to make any necessary changes to keep looking good!

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