SEO is Out – Web Visibility is In

SEO as we have known it over the past ten years is dead. What has taken its place is Web Visibility.

No longer can a website focus on keyword density and keyword stuffing to get organic search placement using traditional SEO tactics; instead the approach to garner placement is about web visibility.

What exactly do I mean by web visibility?

The new approach for organic placement is multi-pronged. Now, what’s important and garners improved organic placement and protects your site from serious placement fluctuations in the SERPs is much more than code tweaking. Here’s what I think is important for websites interested in moving up in search placement and real world experience.

  1. Have great unique content on your website.
  2. Have a targeted home page that is more than pictures, but not all text.
  3. Cater to your audience based on trends you see in questions, sales, and buyer activity.
  4. Make sure you are using your meta title and meta description tag properly on each page.
  5. Make sure you are blogging on-domain not off-domain.
  6. Do a press release and send it out via PR Web every quarter.
  7. Get going on Twitter and make sure you have great content.
  8. If Facebook makes sense for your business get going and work to interact.
  9. Consider writing articles for Google Knoll and several other high profile content sites linking back to your website.
  10. Develop a content building program for your website based on traffic and bounce statistics.

The key is to not be static. Watch your website statistics, pay someone to analyze them if you don’t know how on a monthly or quarterly basis. Know what is happening on your website in regards to what readers are reading and where your sales are coming from. From what you find out take action to improve and build your online presence in a smart way.

Garnering organic placement is much more than keyword density it is about what you are doing as a strategy in many areas across the Web. That’s web visibility!