Special Insights Into Using Facebook Advertising

We’ve started to do quite a bit more Facebook advertising management for clients. Here are a few insights that I wanted to share with you about our experience so far for clients.

  • Even if you choose to spend more than Facebook recommends per click, Facebook will not preferentially serve your ad program more to give you more impressions.
  • Change your ad creative every week. I recommend only two ad creatives running at a time per typical business account that is spending around $1,500 per month in clicks. Even if you put more creatives in the account, you will find that Facebook simply will not serve them.
  • There are limited places for ad placement on Facebook pages. Just this last week I saw that now Facebook is serving more than three or four ads in the sidebar. There is pent up demand and limited ad real estate. Just because you have a big spend budget does not mean that Facebook will be able to serve your ads to spend it. In fact we have found that clients whose 30 day ad spend budget is $2,000 do not even get near that spend using the Facebook pay per click ads.
  • It appears that Facebook is now tracking the CTR of ads in some accounts and will pause a creative or tag it to not show based on click through rates.
  • We are seeing strong website referrals in Google Analytics from Facebook for clients that are advertising there and pointing the ad to their website.
  • We have not had any clients be able to state unequivocally that Facebook is really driving strong leads or sale conversions at this point. Although we typically drive Facebook users to special landing pages with special Facebook lead forms, we are not having clients tell us that lots of sales are being generated from the advertising on Facebook.

If you would like to try advertising on Facebook for your business, I think you will be surprised to see how low our account management fess are. Please visit our Facebook advertising management page for more information and pricing.


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