Twitter Advertising Tips

Right now I am advertising on Twitter and for FREE thanks to American Express and Twitter! I’ve gotten $100 of Twitter advertising free in order to check out Twitter’s new small business pay per click program. This post will tell you a little more about the options you have in advertising on Twitter.

First off, you can’t link to a page on your website with Twitter pay per click like you can with Facebook pay per click. These are your options when you set up your advertising account:

  • You can choose to have your Twitter account placed in the promoted account section on Twitter profiles. That’s the spot where Twitter says “You may want to follow these people.”
  • You can choose to have one of your tweets be a promoted tweet, but the catch is you don’t necessarily pick a tweet, Twitter picks it for you based on click rates of your followers. Actually Twitter will select 5 of your top rated tweets and then rotate through five of them. You can select, once your account is running, which tweets NOT to promote, but not hand pick one to promote.

For people like me who don’t tweet about my own services constantly that may mean that the tweet that is promoted actually goes to a news site or blogpost on an interesting topic that is not about my own services. As Twitter advertising matures, I may be able to craft a tweet and select it specifically and so move people into the page on my site that I choose, but for now, you have to work with what Twitter selects.

So far in less than one week, I have spent $10.86 on advertising and gotten 12 new followers and had 13 clicks on my promoted tweets. I’ll keep you posted on the results once I’ve had more experience with the program.