Google and the Disavow Link Tool Best Practices

This is an excellent video that really reveals what links Google is really rewarding and which links Google is actually penalizing your website in their index for.

First, it is important to hear in Matt Cutts’ (top Google Web Spam Engineer) own words in the lead-in to the video what links Google is now considering as spam. The Panda and Penguin updates were all about web spam, so his thoughts are very important to take to heart.

Web Spam Links from Google’s Perspective

1. Paid Links
2. Blog Spam
3. Comment Spam
4. Forum Spam
5. Guest Blog Spam
6. Low Quality Articles Widely Syndicated that Are Keyword Dense
7. Links with the Same Anchor Text from Link Spam Schemes
8. Fast, Unnatural Link Building

The disavow link tool is not to be used lightly. Matt says that you should contact webmasters and websites first personally to ask to have links deleted from their websites first and then and only after as a last recourse should you use the disavow link tool to let Google know to not consider that specific link in your placement.

The bottom line is that when links are built too quickly, scamming is done to generate a large number of links quickly from low quality sites, and inexpensive, low quality, keyword dense content is widely disseminated on the web pointing to your site – Google will damage your organic placement for these efforts. Unfortunately, this was part and parcel the typical SEO strategy in the last three years. This has never been our strategy, but the SEO industry’s strategy overall. Many websites have been negatively impacted with the Panda and Penguin updates by heavily using what is now consider link spam tactics.

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