Google AdWords – Why I Am Testing Dynamic Search Ads

I just asked all the time what are you watching, what’s new and exciting, what trends to you see happening? This week I will be writing three blog posts about what I’m watching and why. Today’s post is about the new Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads.

This is why I am watching and testing Dynamic Search Ads right now:

1. With AdWords spidering my website and choosing to show landing pages that match a user’s query I may be able to expand my advertising reach and improve my conversions and ROI. In the hangout Google states the following statistics on performance.

“When compared to broad match keywords the click through rate will typically be 12% higher and the cost per conversion will be 25% lower.”

2. By not having to exhaustively select keywords for a program and with Google dynamically creating the ad title using the user’s search query, and Google choosing the landing page to show the prospect, targeting is improved and unique for each query.

3. Static information rich and e-commerce sites can benefit from Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

4. DSA work with accounts that contain both regular keyword targeted programs. In fact Google states that with DSA the advertiser will get more activity than with keyword targeted ads alone.

5. The potential to know and understand the potential buyer and what the like versus what you are wanting to push may very well change advertising plans for some clients; allowing the user to be the advertising revenue driver.

You can watch the video from +GoogleAds from the hangout last week on the topic. I think you will find the potential for some clients very interesting.