De-Optimization is the New SEO

To place organically on Google, you’ve now got to undo some of the things you may have done to get placement before. In other words, the new SEO is de-optimized SEO!

It’s time to undo these things if you have done them on your website:

  • strategic use of anchor text in internal links
  • titles in links
  • phrases using keywords in image alt descriptions
  • keywords used in H1 and H2 tags
  • bolded keywords in the content

It’s time to undo these things if you’ve done them on off-site properties:

  • sending out articles to newsletter/article sites
  • using anchor text in links that point back to your website
  • paying for a link on other websites
  • listing your business or website on link farm pages
  • writing press releases just for the sake of creating inbound links

The next post on Thursday will tell you what you should be doing now for your website in an effort to improve organic placement. Not sure what to do? Check out our SEO optimization consulting services and initial evaluation program.