The New Facebook – Again

Hating on Facebook Again
Hating on Facebook Again

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that Facebook has changed its look again, for at least the one millionth time. For some who do not check in frequently it may seem like the same old look, but for those of us who are on Facebook several times a day the new look is not necessarily a better look.

Here’s what Facebook did specifically:

1. Changed what appears in your news feed – trying to make it more relevant to you personally. Unfortunately for me, my news feed now looks like a video bazaar.

2. Many videos are set to auto-play now; especially the brand or advertising videos. You won’t hear sound, just see action, until you click the video and then the sound comes on.

3. Bigger default images in the news feed. Most will fill the width of the news feed, making them hard to miss. Don’t like that old high school photo someone posted of you, oh well, it is going to be pretty hard for others to miss!

4. More current events and news will now appear in your news feed. Well at least that’s the story.

5. Content will reappear multiple times – Facebook wants to make sure you didn’t miss that important message or brand campaign!

As for me, I have noticed that my news feed appears junkier. It seems like I have too many videos and images in my news feed and few status updates of friends. In fact the status updates are lost in the jumble of Vine videos, GodVine videos (I am going to have to unsubscribe from them as Facebook is now letting them “blow up” my news feed.). I am actually finding it hard to find any content which is why I was on Facebook in the first place.

I have to say that I am looking really, really hard at the “newly revised” Twitter.