AdWords Enhances Phone Call Tracking for Websites

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AdWords has rolled out a nice improvement for call tracking that every business owner who is using AdWords should implement.

This new conversion tracking feature allows website owners to code their website phone number to auto insert an AdWords call forwarding phone number. This new feature now allows for website visitors to use the auto generated phone number to improve lead tracking that happen back on the website but originated from an AdWords click.

This new conversion feature will give website owners a more accurate picture about how AdWords is driving lead phone calls that had previously not been recorded as AdWords generated activity.

Implementation of the code is really a three step process:

  1. New code is generated from within the AdWords account from the conversion tab.
  2. Two bits of code are installed in the <head> tag of the web pages and then these codes are called into the page using an onload function in the <body> tag.
  3. Code is then created to tag each incidence of your old phone number in the page content with a dynamic insertion call to the two scripts.

What happens after implementation is the following:

  1. A person clicks your ad and lands on your website.
  2. When your website page loads, the scripts go into action and instead of showing your default phone number on the page, AdWords inserts dynamically a special unique phone number tied to that specific search query action/ad click.
  3. The customer then phones you using the phone number they see on your page and AdWords records the action of a call lasting 60 seconds (you can select the duration in set up), as a conversion back in the AdWords control panel.

This is really a revolutionary improvement for AdWords conversion tracking. I found that when Google first started call tracking clients were surprised how effective AdWords was in making their phone ring. This new enhancement will surely boost metrics even more proving that AdWords is driving more lead conversions than previously expected.

I highly recommend this implementation on your website if you are using AdWords to drive lead generation. If you are looking for a savvy AdWords account manager make sure to check out our pricing and services.