Google is Serious Your Having a Mobile Optimized Website

Smartphone Use is Skyrocketing for Searches
Smartphone Use is Skyrocketing for Searches

Google is serious about forcing you to address smartphone compatibility on your website. In fact if you do not design now to accommodate smartphones Google is now actually lowering your Google AdWords Quality Score for your landing page. Now there is an even bigger penalty in Google Mobile Search.

On the Google blog recently, Google showcased how it will now be tagging results in the mobile search results showing when a site is using a tool like DudaMobile or other service that simply redirects a user to the home page of a website and not the page mentioned in the actual search results.

That’s a huge black eye and sure to now kill any mobile traffic for sites that are not properly serving up mobile optimized content. With Google predicting that smartphone searches will eclipse desktop and tablet searches this year, Google is getting serious about search quality for smartphones and putting the bite on sites that don’t design accordingly.

You can read the full article from the Google blog and see a large photo of the return in the results red flagging sites that are not mobile responsive and redirect mobile users to the site home page not the real content.

Make sure that you read the details of what Google is now revealing on their best practices for websites and how to serve and design websites that are responsive as surely Google will be penalizing sites in the future that do not adhere to their best practices.

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