AdWords Account Management Has a Difficulty Level of 95 Out of 100

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You don’t need a junior person managing your Google AdWords account or for that matter your secretary or high school or college intern. You need a skilled professional to manage your AdWords account with the high degree of complexity and myriad of settings, hidden bid adjustments, and hidden areas for settings AdWords has a difficulty level of 95 out of 100!

Case in point, I just reviewed a potential customer’s AdWords account. The owner thought that maybe it had been hacked as he had normally been spending $3,000 a month for clicks and all the sudden got a bill for $12,000 from Google AdWords.

I took a look and could see that the person managing his account was not skilled to react to problems and changes as they occurred. Although with the previous settings, possibly¬†all had been fine, but in July and August when many businesses we work with struggled for lead conversions, and new advertisers moved into the auction¬†in large numbers driving up prices, this account got totally nailed as the manager had not put a bid cap in settings for Google’s auto bidding. As a result, there were clicks that had been delivered at a shocking amount of over $250 per click – and not just one.

A savvy account manager should be on your AdWords account much more than once a month. For many of our clients, we work their accounts three times a week or more depending on what is happening in the marketplace and their ad spend.

Don’t let your AdWords account run without an experienced manager, to do so is letting Google take all the money out of your wallet with no recourse to recoup click costs. You can’t whine to Google to give you back money when your account manager did not know what they were doing and rung up a bill for you.

My comment to this client was, “Are you sitting down? You will have to pay Google the $12,000 you owe, your account was not hacked, just not managed well.”

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