April 21 – Will Your Website Traffic Drop by Over 50%?

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Google has announced that on April 21, it will be removing non-mobile friendly websites from the mobile search index. April 21st is the day you will find out just how much your website traffic will drop if you have not moved to a responsive website.

For some sites, mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of their online traffic. Are you ready to not have access to those potential customers?  Ready to have your website traffic drop by 30% or even 50%?

If you are not up to speed on these very important announcements here are two notifications you should read:



The bottom-line to these announcements are that although Google has been saying for over six months that mobile was important. Now they are saying it is REALLY important and if you are not embracing the mobile experience they simply do not want to show your website to their search customers. In essence by not going “mobile” you are making your website irrelevant with an expiration date of April 21, 2015!

No business owner wants to hear that their traffic may drop, but on April 21st you will know if mobile is a big factor in your own website traffic. If you aren’t sure what your mobile traffic patterns are, now’s the time to go to Google Analytics and check to see what the real numbers are so you can prepare.

For those that have moved to DudaMobile as a short term bandaid for a mobile site, we are already starting to get notices that Google is dinging these sites as well so what we thought would be a quick fix for some is turning out to maybe not the perfect short term solution.

Time is running out for sites that have not chosen to upgrade. You’ve got 44 days left to be responsively designed.