E-Newsletters Still Have Value as Part of Your Marketing Plan

Google is mobile focused to the max
Make Sure Your e-Newsletter is in a Mobile-Friendly Format

E-newsletters have not gone out of fashion with savvy business owners, they are still a great way to keep your name in front of clients.

I cannot begin to tell you how many phone calls I get after sending out our newsletter where we feature an important website issue. Case in point is after one of our recent newsletters on the European GDPR, we had many past clients who were not regular customers ask us to implement the updates on their website.

Customers past and present do read your newsletter – but, only if the content provides value. By explaining an idea, analyzing a new strategy or highlighting a new technology in your newsletter you help clients to stay informed in a low pressure manner. Unless you are selling products online, I do not recommend making the newsletter content all about your services.

Becoming the “go-to” person for your clients builds repeat business and garners you referrals. If you have not subscribed to our own monthly e-newsletter, I invite you to subscribe right now.

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