The Web is Atwitter Over Twitter

Twitter is in the news and if you have not tried it, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Twitter is a new social networking site. If you click my post title, you will go to my Twitter home page and there you can see what I am doing and who I am following.

I think Twitter is easy to use and fun. Once I have gotten over the novelty and deleted people who were posting every five minutes drivel on their daily lives, I have actually picked up a few interesting tips and applications that others in my industry are checking out or watching. I have found out about Fire Eagle, Twitter Map, Twitter Feeds, just to name a few.

Although I have now gotten tired of seeing what someone posted for lunch, I am watching Twitter to see what others are watching and looking for. I am also using it to point to interesting articles and also as a platform for my blog. So once you get past the initial thrill, you can put Twitter to work for you as a social media tool.

Why I Really Like Twitter

You know I just started testing Twitter out last week and I have to say that it is becoming one of my all time favorite apps. Click my blog post title to see my own Twitter page.

Twitter is like a blog, instant messenger, and interactive social media site all rolled into one. Here’s what I particularly like:

1. It is super easy to start. You don’t even need to know anyone. Just search for your business areas and then read the short bio and click follow of the people who you think sound interesting.

2. Write in 140 or so characters what you are doing or link to what are reading.

3. Look at what other people are linking to, reading and reviewing.

4. Get involved! I find the interaction refreshing and I am not a big fan of social media sites – they take too much time, but Twitter is fast, short, and actually really fun! I find Twitter easier to update than a blog, fast, interactive, and actually really fun.

Not sure, just try it for three or four days. If you are on the web all day long like me, Twitter is a super easy way to connect, have your ear to the ground for new info, and to meet others in your industry. I even have clients who are following me on Twitter. When you get on Twitter, it may surprise you who you will find there.

One tip, if you don’t know where to start with friends, search for people with your last name and just follow the first ten. It’s kind of cool to see if you may even be distantly related.

Social Media – a Candid Review Is It Worth the Time?

Well you will love or hate this post on my very candid take on social media at Web-World Watch. If you are using social media and don’t agree with my view, make sure to leave me a note.

I think that social media is interesting but a time pit and wonder just how busy some of these people are in their business that they have literally hours to work and add to their network.

From my experience the people I see actively using it are people who really intend to spam their friend network by broadshotting job postings (if they are head hunters) or mass mailing all friends about new listings (if they are in real estate).

The blog is candid and unvarnished. Click in to see if you agree or diagree.

My Very Candid Review of Social Media

Candid is right, you may want to click the post title to go to my rather lengthy and acid review on social media at Web-World Watch. You may agree or rabidly disagree, but let the discussion begin!

Is social media worth the time effort? Are you simply being spammed by people in your network? Are you really getting new clients from this avenue? What is the benefit from simply ranking high organically on your name and not on keywords? These are just a few very pointed questions that I look at. So click in and let me know your thoughts – is social media working for you and how?

Social Media – Is It Too Much Work?

Social media is the new hot property and big buzz word being shot around on the Web. Some are touting social media as the new “must do” and “must have” as part of your marketing arsenal. My question is, is it too much work to for the return?

Social media for those of you who don’t know what it is encompass things like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace; social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon,, Digg; video sites like YouTube and Google Video. Social media is a way to network, share information, share websites you like and interact with others you may or may not know via the Internet.

Okay, now how much trouble is it to participate in some of these networks? From my experience, you can literally spend hours setting up a MySpace site. In fact we used to offer setup services, but have found the customization, music selection, and background image choosing so time consuming and the information to have the site be a reflection of you so personal in nature, that we do not setup these sites anymore.

Once you have spent several hours entering all your information, the time you need to invest does not stop there. You must actively and aggressively seek new friends, tap colleagues and acquaintances to join your site, post to your site blog, update photos, and in general invest time to really make a go of it.

There are some sites where setup is easier and faster, but the investment of your time in building your network wherever you go, you will not be able to skimp on. To be a legitimate contender and successful linkee, you will need to allocate at least some time every day to add new friends, update your postings, interact with others, and make your site interesting.

I personally find this extremely fatiguing and simply cannot allocate the time to build a social network. For me, and I am sure others, time is my single most precious commodity. The time I have left after work and family is very small. The time that I can carve out during the day I use to write on my blogs, actively work on the optimization of my own website, and market my business. I simply do not have the time to chat or network with others who may be peripherally or not at all interested in my products and services. This is the bite for social media. For the time you invest what will be your return? Although I have found referral business from previous clients is important to growing your business, that is not who you are tapping with social media. You are tapping people with common interests. Will they turn into buyers?

For now, I personally think social media is interesting, but do I buy into the concept and work it for my own business? No, I do not. I consider it great for people who are either not self employed and who have tons of time to chat online – a nice social outlet.

I have heard of head hunters who have built networks and then send out mass mailings of new job openings bordering on spamming your network on a regular basis, and I cannot drop people like that fast enough from my network. I do consider some elements good – yes, do include social bookmarking tools on your website pages to encourage sharing for people who do have time.

Do I consider it a valid avenue for getting new clients and prospects – not at this point, the buying decision still comes down to your price, your salesmanship, and what you provide not is this person part of your friends network. I would prefer, for me to invest my time in improving organic placement with search engines. Some would say that this is the real value of social media; it provides ways for improving organic placement. I would say to them show me the statistical proof. I have seen it improve placement on your name, but how about on keywords and services? I am dying for you to prove me wrong. Send me your whitepaper proving this and I’ll post it here.

In conclusion, social media is big buzz, but for the typical business owner, is it worth the time effort? At this time, I think not.

Production Blogging Is Social Media Blogging!

Social media blogging will not get you the results that on-topic authoritative blogging will. Click our post title to read why the content matters for your blog and read examples to choose which style you want for your own blog.

Getting great results is not about “having” a blog, it is about “great content” on your blog.