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Try It Friday – Evernote Quick Start

My Try It Friday video blog for today is a quick start guide for Evernote.

I had trouble getting started with Evernote. I simply did not have the time to read and understand how to get going; yet I wanted to use it as it has had great reviews and I got a free Premium Subscription from being a Wall Street Journal subscriber.

I felt that I needed a “stupid person” guide to getting started with Evernote; hence my video.  You may be just like me, too busy to figure it out but ready to try out Evernote, this video will get you started fast!

In preparing to make this video, I finally took the time to figure out how to create notes where Evernote transcribes my voice into a note that I can then email to myself or arrange in notebooks. This feature is unique. Even your smartphone or virtual assistant can’t replicate this feature. It is one of the best reasons for getting started with Evernote.

I have used this feature (speech to text) to create topics for blog posts as I read the newspaper, create lists for staff, or details of conversations I have had with a customer. Then I’ve used Evernote to store these notes in the Cloud – accessible from any of my devices. I even use Evernote to email me my own notes to add to a spreadsheet or further massage for other uses.

This video makes it super easy to get started with Evernote. After you do, then go to YouTube and watch more advanced videos on how to create Notebooks and use collaboration tools found in the Premium Subscription.

I am not being paid by Evernote. I just figured it out and wanted to share how to get started fast with this terrific application.

Evernote at Google Play:

Evernote at the App Store at iTunes:



Try It Friday – Samsung’s WatchOn App

It’s been a while since my last Try It Friday video. It’s because I have to learn how to use something before I make my video for you and I have had some real fails that have simply not made the cut. However, this app has! WatchOn by Samsung is a real jewel. Watch my video below or at YouTube here You can also view it on my website here:

What I love about this app is that it allows me to be purposeful about what I watch on TV. I don’t have cable and don’t get a TV guide, so I don’t know what great shows may be playing or coming up – but now I do.

I can even control Netflix with this app and if I wanted to buy movies to watch at Vudu.  I am now ready to throw out the 4 controllers I have for my TV as now I can control my TV, DVD player, DVR and any other auxiliaries (set top box if you had one) all with one master controller. Thanks Samsung I’ve got to say I love WatchOn.

Available for free at Google Play:

iTunes: I am not sure you will find it here. Looks like it is just for Android – sorry.


Try It Friday: Paying with Verizon’s Softcard and Your Smartphone

Watch me pay for food at McDonalds with my smartphone using Verizon’s Softcard app and my Galaxy S5.

Make sure to read the blog posts from earlier this week on how to set up Softcard and how to get it working. I have to say I think Mobile Pay is one of the most revolutionary changes since smartphones and the Internet. I believe it will change how we live our lives for the better. I personally love it, find it super fast, and feel that in the next year all retailers will embrace mobile pay.


Try It Friday – The Pocket App for Reading on the Go

You’ve got to love Pocket! This is a great app that is a browser utility that allows you to then read things you mark as interesting on any device. Very cool, super easy, I use it all the time. View it at YouTube at

Start first by installing pocket on your desktop or laptop by visiting You’ll be asked to set up an account and install a small app that will put the +Pocket app in your toolbar.

You’ll also want to download the app at iTunes and Google Play.

When you log in to your Pocket account on your devices, you will then be able to see content you’ve saved to read later across any device. I love this app use it to provide personalized content that I can read anywhere on the go.