February Trends

I thought that I would write today about February’s business. I have found that for most businesses that we work with, February was very flat. Not only were results depressed in Google AdWords, but sales and traffic for many customers were lacking for February.

I have had a number of clients express concern about February and if we had not seen the broader trend, I may have been concerned, but February just seems to have been a poor month for nearly everyone.

Here’s to hoping that March will be better!


March’s Newsletter is Out

I’ve just posted our March newsletter. In this issue I review Adobe’s Acrobat Connect and Microsoft’s SyncToy. Additionally I’ve made a handy updated keyboard shortcut that you can print out and slide under your keyboard.

I think that you’ll find the reviews interesting and helpful.


Search Engine Optimization

I have just finished search engine optimizing a website that had not received good search engine placement. You can click our blog post title and visit the site. It is called the Center For Permanent Cosmetics.

Not only did we totally optimize the site, but reworked the content, added images, upgraded services, and in general gave it the polish that it needed. I wish that I could show you the before and after to really illustrate that great focused content can really upgrade a website to a new level.

One thing that all webmasters, newbies, and just educated site owners can take away from this post is that it is very difficult to get search engine placement if your only form of navigation is encapsulated in JavaScript. If you love having a drop down menu, just make sure to include text based navigation that the search engines can read and follow to spider your full website. Search engines will not read the links that you have embedded in JavaScript and so you may end up with just your home page being indexed as this site did. When you have more to offer than one page of content, make sure that you are helping the search engines by using spider friendly code, links, and techniques for improved search placement.


Google AdWords Quality Score

If you don’t check your Google AdWords account frequently, here is a good reason to take a look. Google turned on a new feature in the AdWords control panel. Now you can see your quality score, well somewhat. At least you know from Google’s viewpoint whether it is GREAT, OK, or POOR. If it is poor, rest assured that it will most likely end up being disabled for search in the next several weeks.

Now is a good time to go in and to review your list, take action to drop keywords, create new break out ad groups that are more targeted, and revise your landing page. Google is aggressively disabling the keywords that it considers poor or assigning them a high CPC to show in search.

If you looked on Friday, you should take a look today as on Friday Google has announced that they had a big glitch and that many words that were not to have been disabled showed as disabled. They have announced that it had nothing to do with the Quality Score that was rolled out Friday, but sure seems like a very funny coincidence. I just about had a cow on Friday when I looked at my accounts, but the picture is much rosier today.


This is Big News! Finally Know Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Oh, this is so great! I am totally excited! Google AdWords has just released that by week’s end they will be adding a quality score rating in Google AdWords accounts by keyword.

The quality score has always been a real factor for Google AdWords accounts and now finally we are going to get some real direction from AdWords on quality score problems. Before we just had to guess what our score was and to try to guess why certain keywords were disabled from search. Now as professional account manager we will at least have some real information from Google on how they see our program. That is great news.

In addition to changes in transparency on the quality score, Google has announced that it is changing the landing page algorithm and is also changing its ratings on “virgin keywords”. This is also great news. Watch for all of these changes in the next several weeks and the new quality score indicator by the end of this week.


Want Top Organic Search Engine Placement?

If you want top organic search engine placement, then you absolutely must use the tool that we use. Click our blog post title to view this neat online tool that is instrumental in getting good search engine organic placement. It is a keyword density tool.

Now the real trick comes in to just how much density on your keywords do you need to have. Well if you need to move up in the SERPs you should be looking for 5 to 7% density on your chosen narrow keywords. Google and MSN like about 3% at this point, so I might hedge to be around 5% at this point. You know we don’t want to spam the engines do we? It used to be that 7% was my benchmark, but I am seeing more chatter on this topic in the professional forums and I think that I will personally be striving for about 5% or so at this point.

Easy? Well go ahead and try to write readable content that looks good, sounds good, and makes sense to a reader all the while catering to the search engines. It is tough, it is a craft, and it is an art. So take this nugget and see what you can do now for your site.


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