Just How Connected Are You? Take Our Test

So just how connected are you to your business with your gadgets? Take our test below to find out. Each yes answer is worth one point.

  1. Do you take your cell phone everywhere you go including the bathroom?
  2. Did you grow your fingernails long and shape them into points so you can type better on your itty bitty phone keyboard?
  3. Do you now pay more to Verizon or your cell provider than you spend for food in one month at the grocery store?
  4. Do you text under the table during boring meetings?
  5. Do you tweet while you are waiting online at a store telling us how slow service is?
  6. Do your kids have to text you to get your attention while you are sitting in the same room?
  7. Do people call your cell phone first instead of your home phone or office phone?
  8. Do you actually answer your business phone after 9:00 PM?
  9. Do you carry refuse to turn off your cell phone even when the sign says to do so like at church or the doctor’s office?
  10. Do you have an internet and email enabled cell phone?


If you answered yes 8 to 10 times you need some help. Your family would probably be glad you had surgery to cut the umbilical cord that has grown from you to your phone.

If you answered yes 5 to 7 times there is definitely hope that with professional help you could break your addiction to the Internet in your downtime – if you have any.

If you answered yes 2 to 4 times it sounds like you have a life and should give me a call as I am looking for friends to do things with and it sounds like you may actually have some free time.

If you answered yes 0 to 1 time, you really need to get more connected. You may be out of the loop and friends and colleagues would appreciate being able to “hit you up” more frequently.