Why I Am Watching Bing Ads for My Clients

Nancy McCord is an Accredited Bing Ads Professional.

I just asked all the time what are you watching, what’s new and exciting, what trends to you see happening? This week I will be writing three blog posts about what I’m watching and why. Today’s post is about why I am watching Bing Ads.

First, I think there is real and sometimes hidden potential for clients to advertise on Bing Ads. I very much like the platform and am using it already for my own advertising and a number of key clients.

Why Do I Like Bing Ads?

1. The system is easy to use and very much like AdWords. Although the traffic overall is smaller quality conversions happen and typically at a lower cost than on Google AdWords.

2. I like the versatility of the dynamic variables. You can create several dynamic insertion variables not just keyword insertion as at AdWords. With Bing you can dynamically add variables by the keyword for promotions and URLs.

3. The quality of the content network is excellent. There is not the volume of low traffic sites as at AdWords. In the content network at Bing, you’ll get access to really top notch quality sites in the Microsoft, MSN and Yahoo parent network. In fact for clients typically using Bing Ads I will enable the ads to show in the content network unlike my typical protocol in AdWords.

4. Bing Ads tells me that call tracking is coming. Since Bing bought Skype I have been expecting to see the addition of click to call in ads and Bing Ads tells me that this is coming soon for US clients. Currently Bing is testing ad calling in the UK and areas of Europe. We’ve asked to be early embracers of this new technology for our clients.

Why am I watching Bing Ads – it’s the value and quality of the platform. If you want to get involved with Bing Ads, I invite you to visit our Bing Ads services page to find out more about how we can help you.