Need For Speed: AMP Your Website Up

Need For Speed: AMP Your Website Up

Is your website AMP’ed? If it is you most certainly know that I am talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Google loves them.

If you are not, it is relatively easy to create an AMP page template for your HTML website. Just follow some of these links to learn more and to see examples.

If you have a WordPress website there are a number of great plugins you can use. I like the following:

As AMP’ed websites are important from Google viewpoint and Google is actively showing AMP pages in the mobile index, it is important to know and understand why your website needs to embrace AMP now.

Business Pulling Back? What to Chop

Tackling a High Bounce Rate

If your business is pulling back where can you realistically chop in your marketing plan and not get hurt?

Chop Away

Social Media – if you are paying to update Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you could easily take a break to save money.

Blogging – try not to kill all your writing as the SEO juice you get from well-written blog posts helps you in the long run, but maybe consider moving from three days a week to two or from two days a week to one.  Try to still keep the momentum up but maybe lower the word count or frequency.

Chop Not!

Google AdWords – don’t touch it unless you absolutely have to. AdWords is hands down the best way to generate new leads and start cash pumping back into your business.

e-newsletters – they build loyalty and repeat business. Newsletters are especially important to businesses that have annual renewals for service plans like pest control firms and HVAC firms.  If you chop this, your name is not kept in front of your customers and come time to renew, they may not see the value of renewing; which will hurt your sales even further.

Need some practical sense to make the most of the budget you do have or to get AdWords to work harder for you? We’re the firm to call and chat with first especially if you are looking for honest advice you can trust with no sales pressure.

Recipient of the Meritorious Public Service Award

Nancy McCord is a recipient of the Meritorious Public Service Award.
Nancy McCord is a recipient of the Meritorious Public Service Award.

That’s right I am a recipient of the Meritorious Public Service Award. It was designated by Vice Admiral P.M. Balisle, Commander of Naval Sea Systems Command and presented by Rear Admiral Paul V. Shebalin, Deputy Commander for Mobilization for NAVSEA and SPAWAR in 2004.

I received this special award for a website I built for the Engineering Duty Officer’s Reserve group, of which my husband had been a part of at that time. The 500 page website was full of information to help reservists know more about projects, where to stay in Washington when they traveled on duty and a place to share documents.

As the Admiral gave me the medal he also read:

“Your contributions to the command in shaping communications that are focused on the mission, goals and products of NAVSEA and the NRED Community are a credit to your professionalism and skill in software development and web page design. Thank you and congratulations on a job Well Done!”

You can read the full release on this page.

My family is a military family and my husband is now a retired Navy Captain. The military has been good to our family and we continue to benefit from our connection to the military community. We love our country and our military.

I mention my Meritorious Public Service Award to let you know my business model and life are managed to the highest level of personal integrity and honesty. If you are looking for a professional to help you with AdWords or your website, my firm and I, myself, will treat you right. Find out more today about our Internet Marketing Services.