TweetMeme Allowing Others to Share Your Content on Twitter

I have just recently added TweetMeme to my blog. That’s the little icon to the right of each post that allows you to click the word tweet and share my content on Twitter, plus tracks how many people have retweeted a blog post.  This is similar to the Digg icon you may have seen on the Web on other sites.

Both TweetMeme and the Digg icon allow for easy ways to encourage the sharing of your content in new innovative ways. Take a look at the bottom of our blog post and you will also see our Share This icon. This WordPress plug-in gives your readers more options to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking sites.

The reason I have chosen TweetMeme over the Digg icon is simply that I am much more active on Twitter at this time than I am on social bookmarking sites.

It is very simple to set up TweetMeme on your blog or on your web pages.  Here is a link to the TweetMeme plug-in page for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other applications. If you prefer to install TweetMeme on a web page, here is the link to the code creator for pages, RSS feeds, emails, and other ways to share your content.

By encouraging the sharing of your content you reach a much wider audience and create more opportunities for your content to go viral. TweetMeme makes it easy!


SocialOomph More Than a Twitter Client

I have been using SocialOomph for quite awhile. It used to be TweetLater. Over time the application has morphed into much more than an excellent Twitter client. It has now become a social networking power tool.

Now SocialOomph allows you to schedule and post to Twitter, Facebook, your blog, and to even create a custom RSS feed you can use in a number of creative ways. With the ability to save drafts to reuse, scheduling capabilities, and the ability to use API to track your click stats, has become a very valuable tool for professionals and those serious about promoting their products and services using social networking programs.

I use the free version, but offers a professional version. The professional version charges a small monthly fee but offers many unique “power tools”. They even offer a free test drive. One thing that I think may be worth the extra charge is the ability to bulk upload tweets. Even if all you use initially is the free version, make sure to check out some of the features that the professional version offers, they are really astounding.

I have been using SocialOomph for quite awhile. I like it for the ability to schedule tweets and reuse tweets you have saved. In fact before any other application offered advanced scheduling Social Oomph had that as a regular feature. Another thing I like and use SocialOomph for is to send a welcome message to new followers. I can even set up to automatically unfollow a follower on Twitter when they unfollow me. I have used the vetting system as well, but no longer vet followers as this can really slow the growth of followers in your Twitter account. With many unique and time saving features, may end up being the only Twitter, blog, and Facebook client you end up using.

Please note that if you click any of the links in this post and buy access to the professional application version I will be paid a small commission, enough to buy me lunch at McDonald’s. But truly that is not the reason for my post, I use and like the application. For some clients it is the application of choice over HootSuite and TweetDeck. I routinely use for the clients for whom we are providing ghost Twitter Executive services.


Google is Trying Out Social Networking Integration on Search

I just checked this out yesterday and as I was doing testing on this new tool I said to myself, “now, this is really cool”. What I am speaking about is Google’s integration of your own social media networks into your personal search results.  To get involved in the project sign into and then enter this URL: select the first experiment at the top of the page called Google Social Search.

Once enrolled you will see a new feature at the top left of every page. The feature says Web and then a show options + mark. Open the + and you will now see a new left navigation bar that stretches down the page.  From here you can search in sectors such as images, video, news, blogs, updates, books, forums, and even social.

The take away from this new experimental project is that when you yourself are personally involved in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms, the information you post is now searchable by others in your expanded social network all tied together in one neat interface using Google’s Social Search.

This is a real boon for web exposure and the creation of web authority for business owners and serious entrepreneurs. With some saying that social media is too time consuming to pursue, I say think again look at this new Google experiment which will most likely be the “face” of search to come and rethink your position on social media and social networking sites.


New Social Networking Program

We’ve rolled out a new program on our website this past week. You can review our program and pricing online.

Due to the interest in social networking and the number of clients we have who are interested in growing their presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Naymz, Tagged, and others, we have created services that help you get started fast.

With our Social Networking Made Easy program, we’ll set up eight platforms for you for $190. We particularly like: Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Twitter, Plaxo, Naymz, Tagged, and Xing. All you have to do is to send us your resume and photo and we’ll do the rest. If you don’t have an up to date resume, you can arrange for us to interview you by phone for $40 to make it even easier.

Many clients will be ready to take over from that point, but some clients need more help. For this special type of client we offer social networking mentoring by the hour and our Executive Social Networking program. In this special program we will actively work your two selected networks (sorry not Twitter we have a separate program for Twitter), to help to grow your following and to provide value to readers.

Now’s the time if you have thought maybe you want to do social networking to take charge and hit the ground running with our ala carte social networking set up and update services.


Google Wave Is It The Next Big Thing?

You can sign up for early access to Google Wave here.  What is Google Wave? Well to me, it looks like IM-Flkr-Facebook all rolled into one interface. You can read what Google says about it and see screen shots on the Google website for the application.

To me it looks like the next generation of social networking and team collaboration using many of the same applications that we use separately right now. I am thinking that Google should call it Gitter or maybe GFace, or how about Instant G. But no-o-o-o, they have named it Google Wave.

Well I will be riding the crest of the “Wave” when it is released and will keep you posted about this revolutionary new web application that will be out later this year.

The application is being created in part by the same team that has been responsible for Google Maps. With Google Friend Connect, Google is really looking to break into the social networking phenomena and now with Google Chrome in place Google Wave may just be the application that will be positioned to be the tidal wave that will crash the competition in the social networking field.


Social Networking-You’ve Got to Use It to Love It

I read in the Washington Post recently an article written by a writer who was just now trying out Facebook. She was bemoaning the amount of personal information that was requested and then spun the article into one on identity theft. I have to say that as I read the article it was clear to me that she just did not get it.

In fact I find it incredible to think that someone in the news media would now just be embracing Facebook – wow, talk about being behind the curve! My son and I chatted about the article and our joint perspective was we were mystified that a journalist could have “missed it” so badly and have taken this perspective.

To understand the value and how to use social networking for business you just have to use it. Dive in head first, immerse yourself in it, connect with others, search to find people you haven’t hooked up with for a while, exchange information, share freely – then you’ll get the power! In fact once you do this you will understand how really great and how interesting as well as how integral social networking has become to many people of all ages.

If you don’t share, if you don’t connect, you can have the perspective as the Washington Post writer did, that social networking wants to know too much or that it takes too much time.

From my perspective, I “get it”. I’m using it, and I love it. If you haven’t immersed yourself in it yet to “get it”, you are missing out on one of the biggest changes in our culture since the creation of the Internet.

Social networking is here to stay, so do you “get it”?