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Introducing our Spokedog Keebler

Keebler the McCord Web Services spokesdog.
Keebler the McCord Web Services spokesdog.

We would like you to meet our spokesdog Keebler. Keebler is the McCord family pet and our new fun way to connect with dog lovers, business colleagues, and people just interested in knowing more about blogging, AdWords, SEO, and social media.

Keebler was adopted on October 2009 as an adult dog from the Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue. Although Keebler is not a pure bred Sheltie, she had enough of the Sheltie look to qualify for the rescue group to take her in from a shelter. Keebler is actually a Sheltie Corgi mix. She has the Sheltie look with the cute short legs and long body of a Corgi.

These wonderful people at the Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue find then adopt and foster many needy and older dogs from shelters or direct donation right in their own homes. They are serious about the dogs and look to find the very best adoptive home match for the dog and family.

Keebler had been a street dog and then had been adopted twice by families. She had not been able to get along with other dogs in the family and had been returned for re-placement. The Rescue group loved her, but found her difficult to place until we came along. What we saw was a great dog who needed to be the “queen” of the household and be a part of a high energy family. It has turned out to be an excellent match for us, a one dog family, and for Keebler.

Our spokesdog’s best features are her wonderful smile and bubbly personality. Although adopting an adult dog can be a challenge sometimes, our family welcome Keebler to her new forever home with open arms. We fondly say that our dog has a mental illness when it comes to squirrels. She hates them and tries to chase them in the yard, then she will run circles around the kitchen table to work off her anxiety energy until stopped. She could run until she falls from exhaustion if allowed. We have learned that our high energy dog just needs a bit of special loving help when squirrels are in our yard.

There are a few ways you can connect with Keebler. She has her own Facebook page, she has her own Twitter account called AskKeebler, and she regularly interacts to answer questions on the McCord Web Service Facebook Business Page. If you want to join in the fun, ask web visibility questions, see funny videos that are silly yet viral, you need to connect with our spokesdog Keebler, it is all done in fun!

If you want candid answers to your web related business questions, have a light hearted laugh, want to share dog pictures, or ask about how to promote your business on the Web, you need to just Ask Keebler!


Viral Promotion in Action – My Own Paper!

Man I was shocked earlier today, I found out that my special mini-whitepaper, “Twitter Demystified for Business Users“, was on the home page of SitePro News. SitePro News is the web’s most widely read webmaster resource. It’s like the New York Times for my industry! (I linked to the article on its own page although by now, it has probably moved off the home page.)

Now, I am not sure if SitePro News picked up my article from Twitter or if they found it from one of the ezines syndication sites that I posted my newest article on, but the buzz on Twitter alone has been huge.

Today on Twitter as well, there was a flurry of activity and link love pointing to my paper. I picked up a steady and constant stream of new Twitter followers – just from one great article that got disseminated in a variety of ways.

This is an excellent example of how viral marketing using Twitter and article marketing can be used together to promote your business endeavors. Wow, even I’m impressed. I don’t always put my special edition e-newsletter articles on syndication services, but I will certainly look to do that more frequently with this particular reaction.


Viral Marketing Using Video

I have a friend who pointed me to this short video and I thought it was interesting to point to you on how others are creatively marketing their business.

The woman in the video is a face reader. She uses an ancient Chinese art to identify things about you from your face. She was consulting with my friend to get more activity for her business. My friend recommended that she show people what she does on a video. She went to Facebook and at random chose people to give reading too. She then posted the video on Facebook, YouTube and on the site below. Buzz was created which has driven traffic to her business in a highly creative way.

Way to go! This was a great idea to get out what she does, offer something free to others, and then market herself doing it.