Viral Promotion in Action – My Own Paper!

Man I was shocked earlier today, I found out that my special mini-whitepaper, “Twitter Demystified for Business Users“, was on the home page of SitePro News. SitePro News is the web’s most widely read webmaster resource. It’s like the New York Times for my industry! (I linked to the article on its own page although by now, it has probably moved off the home page.)

Now, I am not sure if SitePro News picked up my article from Twitter or if they found it from one of the ezines syndication sites that I posted my newest article on, but the buzz on Twitter alone has been huge.

Today on Twitter as well, there was a flurry of activity and link love pointing to my paper. I picked up a steady and constant stream of new Twitter followers – just from one great article that got disseminated in a variety of ways.

This is an excellent example of how viral marketing using Twitter and article marketing can be used together to promote your business endeavors. Wow, even I’m impressed. I don’t always put my special edition e-newsletter articles on syndication services, but I will certainly look to do that more frequently with this particular reaction.