11-6-20 Just Nancy The Week in Review

Be in the Know

This is a new feature that we will use on Fridays to let you know what has happened in the world of Google and been posted on authoritative sources to help you stay informed this week.

Short Videos in Search Carousels
Google is testing short YouTube videos in the search results as a carousel. Not visible for all queries. A good reason to increase video presence on your website.
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Google’s New Indexing Algorithm
Interesting updates to how Google is indexing a website by now using passages on a page although they still index the full page. Google is getting better in delivering content based on a search query. This is a future focused change that may have a good impact for small websites.
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New Google Analytics
Google is rolling out a new version of Google Analytics. You will want to assure that Simon has the most recent version of the code installed in your website code to take advantage of future enhancements.  It is called Google Analytics 4.
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https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/9744165 – Follow this for instructions.
Recap for Google Search Improvements 
A recap on the Google blog of recent improvements. See sections on video and passages as these are new and big news for Google indexing.
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Google Limits the Ability to see Search Queries in Google Ads
Under the guise of privacy, Google is limiting the ability to see the actual search queries that trigger ads. Google has advised that in the months to come, it will limit the keywords shown.  This action makes it harder to use negative keywords to sculpt the list and keep the program targeted.
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Google Changes Google My Business Categories by Month
Google is changing the categories in Google My Business over time. As you must select set categories for which you classify how your business is shown, this means you should periodically check to see what you are able to and are listing for.
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Google Screened
Google has introduced a new program for select service sectors called Google Screened which is tied to a Google My Business page and may be tied to local service ads which are managed through a portal that is tied to Google My Business.
This program has a $50 monthly cost and is and right now is a pay for conversion program but may move to pay per click in the near future.
To get screened, the business owner must seek Google approval and send company creation documents and be vetted. This is a new initiative and may have benefits for certain types of local businesses that desire to use highly automated keyword creation and automated ad serving features like the old AdWords Express.
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Fredericksburg, Richmond, Spotsylvania Google Partner in Top 6%

Does it matter if who you work with for Google AdWords and online services is a certified Google Partner? You bet!

When a firm such as ours works to qualify for Google Partner status is it no small feat. Google is intrusive into our business practices and monitors exactly what we do and how we do it.

Not only does Google measure a business as part of the application process, but monitors the accounts a Google Partner manages in Google AdWords for how frequently we login to service an account, what we recommend, account performance, and what we recommend.

Google also reviews the reporting we do for clients, how we market our services, what we tell prospects about what we do, and what we promise to do as part of our own service packages. They seek for us to be transparent and honest about what we do and how we do it.

McCord Web Services is rated in the top 6% of all Google Partners.
McCord Web Services is rated in the top 6% of all Google Partners.

At McCord Web Services we are rated in the top 6% of all agencies as a Google Partner.  Find out more about our Google AdWords services today!

For you that means that we are providing services that clients find valuable well beyond that of the typical Google Partner – even Google acknowledges that!