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Our Google AdWords Tips

We have also found that to just drop your “clickee” on the home page of your website is not effective in creating a good conversion rate and does not get your program a good quality score rating. We have learned to create a landing page for each ad group theme. We include sales content that is short and focused, with a keen call to action. We even include a small online contact form as well as phone numbers. All of these things help to increase your conversion rate — turning prospects into buyers!

The bottom line is if you are paying $300 for each newspaper ad, $500 each month for 20 qualified leads, or simply doing no advertising at all, just hoping that a prospect will stumble across your website, you may want to consider advertising your products and services on Google AdWords.

With AdWords, after set up, your ads show up in several hours to a day or so, you may make unlimited changes, and you may pause an ad or ad group at any time. You can even set up and monitor your own account without professional assistance.

However, if you don’t want to go it alone, see us for pricing on professional set up and management of your campaign. We will research your competition, set up your account, craft your ad text, create your landing pages, monitor your account every day, and report to you about your campaign activity with our recommendations for action.

We can put AdWords to work for you bringing you qualified prospects and sales.

If you would like to know where your AdWords ad will show in the Google content network if you select to show your ads there, view this list from Google of the display network and partner sites.

We think that Google AdWords is a great tool and we use it for our own business promotions. Visit our AdWords Quick Start Plus page for pricing.


Google’s Ad Discounter Explained

We think one of the smartest things that Google AdWords does is use a tool called the “Ad Discounter”.

Everyone wants their ads at the top of the page! To get there, you need to set your maximum cost per click at a reasonable, yet high figure, and your daily budget high enough to place your ad in the top 3 slots.

This is where the Ad Discounter kicks in. You only pay $.01 more than the highest current cost per click. So even if you said you would pay $5 as your maximum cost per click, and the going rate is $2.65, you will pay only $2.66 for your click.

The minimum cost per click is $.05, but be prepared to pay more depending on how popular your keywords are. Be cautious on setting your maximum cost per click too high as Google is able to charge you as much as your maximum figure for each click!

In addition to your cost per click setting Google will also evaluate your ad text, keywords, and landing page to assign a quality score. This score plus your maximum cost per click will determine your ad rank on the search query return page on Google.com.


Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPI) Explained

What you pay for each AdWords Cost Per Click (CPC) is determined by you! How frequently your ad is served is determined by the maximum CPC and your ad’s daily budget. You can select to show your ads globally, nationally, regionally, or even in a targeted area determined by your address or by latitude and longitude.

Not only does Google show your targeted keyword ads in its huge search network consisting of additional partners like AOL, The New York Times, and Amazon.com, but your ad (after about 2 days) could be shown in Google’s Display network and on websites showing Google AdSense ads. Your ad will appear on sites like The Washington Post, Forbes.com, CNet, private websites, shopping comparison networks, and even in e-newsletters.

Your CPC is less when your click comes from the display network and is even based on which site delivers the highest documented click through rate.