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Quality Control When It Comes to Blogging is Job One

We take blog writing quality seriously. Do you?
We take blog writing quality seriously. Do you?

Even if you buy only one blog post a month from us, our quality control does not change.

Just what do we do when it comes to quality control with our blog writing services?

  1. I personally create each blog post title and select the background article/information for our team of over 10 professional writers to use to create your unique content.
  2. We have a professional editor with a Master’s Degree proofread each and every blog post before we accept them from our writers.
  3. We have a team of content specialists do your WordPress installation, select categories, tags, and select and install an image to match the content of your blog post.

But we don’t stop there…

4. The publishing day of your blog post, we click into your blog to assure that the post has published, looks good, the white space is correct and that the image is appropriate.

5. If there is a problem, we correct it before nearly anyone in your audience has had a chance to read the post. We publish our blogs at 3:00 am Eastern Time and review them before 7:00 am each morning.

That is some serious quality control! We mean business when we say we provide premium quality blog content. As the owner of McCord Web Services, I invite you to check out our blog writing services today and check prices.


Blog Writer’s Guide to Image Use – Prevent Copyright Infringement

Wow, I love this app!
Update your image use protocol.

As a quality blog writing service provider, my firm has developed some best practices over the years in regards to image use and preventing copyright infringement. I wanted to share a few with you in today’s blog post.

1. Use images in your blog posts. It used to be that just text was fine for a well-written blog post. But, in our very visual world of the web, without an image, your blog post looks dull and may not get the traction it needs to be shared. At McCord Web Services, we use only images that we have taken ourselves or images that we buy for one time use from DepositPhotos.com or iStockPhotos.com.

2. Make sure you and your staff adhere to the principle of leaving the purchased source in the image name. This way if you go to select an image to reuse from your WordPress media gallery if you see iStockPhotos or DepositPhotos in the file name, you know to buy a second license or not use it. Never, ever reuse a one time use photo thinking that just because it is in your WordPress blog media gallery you have full use rights. You do not!

3. Review your image use program with all staff. It does your firm no good if you know the image use rules, but your office staff who may do a blog post at some point in time does not!

4. Get in the habit of taking your own clip art photos. Why buy and image of a smartphone to use for your blog post when you can take a pic of your own and use it royalty free anytime you want? Typically, I will put MWS (McCord Web Services) in front of the file name of any pictures I take so that I know and my staff knows we own these image rights and can use them however and whenever we want for all our clients.

5. If you provide professional services like we do for blog clients, make sure your client knows the rules and you are indemnified from a future lawsuit from a client using one time use images that you may have purchased by putting it in your contract. We do.

If you need blog writing services make sure to check us out first.


Business Blogging Tips from a Writing Pro

My firm has been providing blog writing services since 2005. That’s seven years of professional blogging experience. I have recently read and article called “21 Business Blogging Tips from the Pros” and I think the article is a good one and encourage you to read it for more information.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the articles important points as well as many of my own recommendations.

  1. Treat your blog posts as products.
  2. Differentiate your blog from others with new approaches to your content.
  3. Take your own images and create your own videos.
  4. Give all the information, don’t offer part of the picture and sell the rest.
  5. Target your content to your audience.
  6. Focus on your reader first, not search engines.
  7. Be yourself. Let your personality show through your writing.
  8. Answer consumer questions.
  9. Show your full blog post on your blog home page. People will typically not click to read the rest of the post.
  10. Consider limiting what is on your feed to prevent scraper sites from stealing your content.
  11. Explain topics in an easy to understand manner.
  12. Use bullet points and sub headers versus large blocks of content.
  13. Keep your blog posts around 250 to 350 words long.

Do you have other suggestions? Just add them in the comments section below. By the way, if you are looking for a professional blog writing service, I invite you to find out more about the services we offer to help keep the content on your blog unique and up to date.



New Levels for Blog Writing and Specialty Blogging

With seven talented writers working for us, we’ve blogged for a wide variety of business sectors. Based on client needs, we’ve developed some new programs that cater to difficult to blog for client needs.

Here are just a few of the new blog programs in specialty areas we’ve developed:

  1. Diamond Level by Sue $50 per post
    Diamond Level blog posts are written exclusively by our most experienced  blogger, Sue Guirl, a graduate from the University of Missouri’s School of  Journalism. As a professional journalist, Sue has a unique style of writing  that is both informative and engaging. She knows how to craft a blog post,  turn a phrase, and paint a picture with her words that provides for an exceptionally  fine level of writing. With many of our client’s asking for her by name, Sue  is our most popular writer. Due to the mastery of her craft, Sue writes exclusively  at the Diamond and Platinum Levels for blogging. She also writes website content and feature  articles for web and print publications.
  2. Platinum Level by Sue – $60 per post
    The Platinum Level is priced to provide a  longer word count than the Diamond Level blog post and is recommended for more difficult topics or those that need more research time by our writer.Platinum Level blog posts are  written exclusively by our most experienced blogger, Sue Guirl, a graduate from  the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. Sue has a very unique  client-pleasing style of writing that is both informative and engaging. She  knows how to turn a phrase and research a topic that provides for an  exceptionally fine level of writing. Sue is by far our most popular writer. As  she is in such demand, Sue writes exclusively at the Diamond and Platinum  Levels for blogging. She also writes website content and feature articles for  web and print publications. She also writes website content and feature  articles for web and print publications.
  3. Medical Practice Blogging $40 per post
    Medical  Practice blog posts are written by only our most experienced and educated  bloggers. Catering to doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons, our medical blog  writers write about your specific services in an engaging, informative style. With this blogging level you have one writer for the life of your blog project with us. This  allows our writer to develop strong experience in your topics, lean the style  of writing you like, and helps them to become knowledgeable on your topics  allowing for more effective writing. As writing for your specialty requires  more time to research and write, our preferred frequency and lowest pricing is for  writing three days a week. We can write less frequently but at a slightly  higher writing rate.
  4. Bed Bug & Pest Control Blogging by Rhonda$40  per post
    Bed bug and pest control blogging is done exclusively by Rhonda Crehan, a  seasoned pest control writing expert. Rhonda has over four years of writing  experience in the pest control industry. She has strong pest control experience  writing and has over two years of specialized in writing about bed bug control,  prevention, identification, bed bug dogs, and pending bed bug legislation.  She is extremely interested and knowledgeable about the pest control industry  and this interest and passion shows in her well written blog posts for clients.

You can read samples of blogs at these new levels on our specialty blog services page.