Loving The New Yahoo Sponsored Search

Watch out Google AdWords, Yahoo has started the rollout of their new search engine marketing interface and it is sweet!

The interface is a huge step into the future for Yahoo. Initially you may feel that it is similar to the Microsoft adCenter interface, but this one really works! What I really like is that once you get over the initial shock of the change and the new account structure, the interface is very usable.

Yahoo has created some very nice reporting features and allows you to graph dynamically several options to watch lets say clicks versus impressions, or impressions versus conversions. The editorial review process is now almost instantaneous, and the ad interface is really quite nice.

Overall Yahoo has a winner with their new control panel and interface. Best of all for clients who need regional targeting Yahoo’s really works! If you haven’t checked out Yahoo Sponsored Search lately, now is the time. Just click our blog post title to get a $50 credit when you sign up for Yahoo Sponsored Search.

One quick comment, for new accounts, I am not sure if you will automatically go into the new interface, but if you don’t pause your account until you are asked to migrate.

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2 Replies to “Loving The New Yahoo Sponsored Search”

  1. We also had problems with the upgrade and are about to turn our campaign off until Yahoo! can fix their bugs. We have keywords bringing up ads for the wrong ad group and we are losing money because of this. We have serious inconsistencies with when our ads display throughout the day, which is giving an impression rate all over the map. We have called Yahoo! multiple times and they are all bumbling idiots who have “canned” responses to everything. Very dissapointing…

  2. New Yahoo! Panama


    Our accounts were automatically upgraded to ‘panama’, but there were lot of problems. Each keywords in the adgroup were automatically put into separate arbitrary adgroups. Then we had to delete all of them (@ 5000 kwds) and upload again.

    In the new ‘panama’ system, though the interface were well set, were are unable to provide custom urls for multiple keywords. This was done smoothly earlier.
    Another problem we face is the bulkuploading feature. All the time it shows the same errors:”invalid header”, even we used exactly the same template format for uploading. The error messages are quite different in Windows and Linux machines.

    Were any body able to solve these problems.


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