Contact Form Woes And The Solution

Occasionally we have a client who is using a low-end web host or who is self-hosting and does not have a cgi-bin or scripting enabled in order for us to install a contact form processing script. Sometimes this has lead to expensive programming charges. We do not offer programming and so we have to contract out this portion of a project adding to expenses.

We have found a service that will process the script for you on their servers and so far it looks like a clean and elegant solution to a thorny problem for some clients. You will want to click our post title to review the site With a premium account for $24.99 per year, now any client can have a professional seamless contact form installed on their site without complex programming initiatives. I think that it is a very smart solution.

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3 Replies to “Contact Form Woes And The Solution”

  1. Same with me Jason. Sometimes I have spent hours or tons of money with a programmer to get a contact form to go. I find this an elegant seamless solution.

    If you are a designer, they will even give you a special discount. Use their contact form to inquire and save more money.

  2. MyContactForm is anything but cheesy. You are correct, they do not offer the service out of the kindness of their hearts. They charge $25. Their service is simple, easy to use, and very professional looking. Have a look. You will be impressed. Plus, you have the opportunity to sign up for a free version first and then upgrade if you want. After spending 48 hours trying to get a form to work on my website I was happy to use their services. They got my project back on schedule.

  3. Be careful, while is sounds like a smart solution some of these places do not offer this out of the kindness of thier heart. Keep in mind their is something in it for them too when you use them. Even if that is not the case I have found those services to be a little cheesey looking.


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