Microsoft adCenter Excel Plug-in

Click our post title to go to Microsoft and download the Excel 2007 plug-in for keyword research.

I have downloaded the plug-in and used it and I have to say what an excellent keyword discovery tool to use in conjunction with others in creating your keyword list.

Although you cannot use this plug-in like AdWords editor, it still warrants consideration. Why?

1. Allows you to query the Microsoft keyword database for potential keyword click, impression, and cost activity.

2. Allows you to create and efficient keyword list that can be used on all engines although the data is only pulled from Microsoft’s servers and database. Yet there is great value in creating your list with this tool.

3. Make sure to watch the videos, lame as they are, to get you up to speed fast.

In no time you’ll be creating new keyword variations that you can use on all of your pay per click accounts. If you are not using Wordtracker, this is a must have. If you are using Wordtracker, this is a good addition to use with your other research.