Splash Pages Are Old School!

If you are not sure what a splash page is, I’m sure that you have seen them and maybe just not known that they have a name. What I am speaking about is the home page of a website that has a Flash Movie and no content, sometimes it is interesting and sometimes it is simply colors and balls moving around ending up spelling out the companies name or finally showing the website navigation. Sometimes it is just a big graphic without any text on the page.

Several years ago splash pages used to be the rage. Everyone wanted a big graphic image that was a single graphic or composite image. Then the splash market moved to Flash introductions.

There are still some customers who are stuck back in this phase and request this totally search engine unfriendly entrance to their website. In the past several years much has changed in the world of search engines. Now, the most important page of your website for search engines is your home page. If you have no text on your home page, your website will be stuck in search engine limbo and you will have to use pay per click to drive traffic to your website. You will never be able to compete for top organic placement with a splash page; it simply does not provide search engines the fodder that they need to place you well within their results index on your keywords.

So, unless your pockets are deep and you are not adverse to paying for your website traffic steer clear of splash pages and don’t use Flash as your full home page.