Best Organic Optimization Plan

From my over eight years of experience with websites and organic optimization, I have found what I consider the best organic optimization plan of attack.

  1. Strong initial and comprehensive keyword research
  2. Good use of source code optimization to include unique title tags, and a meta description
  3. Strong keyword density in h1 and h2 tags in the site’s source code
  4. Inclusion of well-written and engaging keyword dense content with keyword dense anchor text links in the content
  5. Integration of a blog with well written keyword dense blog posts published a minimum of three times per week
  6. Monthly creation of a feature article that is syndicated on various article sites and archived back on the parent website
  7. Quarterly press release on new topics, services or interviews and distributed via PR Web.

With this organic optimization plan you are bound to build “web authority” and over time improve your organic placement.

This process is not rocket science, but must be done carefully and by a knowledgeable team with a strong focus on optimization. I know from experience, as I have performed this process, on a number of websites that this is the very best organic optimization process and will provide results in the long run.

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Remember improving your organic search engine position takes time, but this process WILL work for you regardless of what business or service you promote.