Fiesta, The Best Online Game Ever!

Fiesta Tip and Info

Fiesta Online from my view is the best game ever : ) . I have an account that is a fighter level 29. He uses an axe in Fiesta. At level 20, you fight your shadow in a cave, but you have to find the shadow and it has 5,000 health. You have at least 300 health then. You get skills and you can make stones and other stuff too.

How to make your weapon hit more. You can make your weapon hit more when you buy elrue or make it and refine the item. Elrue gets the weapon to level 1-3 lix gets it to 4-6 xir gets it to 7-9. You can refine a shield too. Then your weapon will change color at level 3, 6 , and 9. There are patches on the game too.

My son Billy who is 12 years old has written this blog post as part of “Go With Your Mom to Work Day.”


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  1. Well you sure have passion. i wish i had as much as you do but I am working on it. Motivational stuff. Thank You

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