Have You Checked Out LinkedIn Business Pages?

If you think that all the action is still only happening at Facebook, think again. LinkedIn has been quietly forging ahead with new innovations that you should be considering for your own business.

If you sell business to consumer you may not be interested in LinkedIn Pages, but if you also sell or only sell Business to Business, LinkedIn pages are certainly worth a look-see. As an example here is our LinkedIn business page. I have not invested a lot of time in set up, but you can see that you can add a logo, link your blog, and when you have time even add in products or services to your business page. For a full in-depth article showcasing eight new LinkedIn page features, I recommend you read this article.

I like the ability to link in your tweets and blog posts to your LinkedIn Business page, and it was easy to do. I have not added any products or services to my profile yet, but plan on doing so in the next several weeks.

If you haven’t noticed, LinkedIn is now even allowing you to promote your business with pay per click advertising as well. This may be a better marketplace for some businesses then advertising on Facebook as you will be having your ads shown to business decision makers not the receptionist who is killing time playing Farmville or Unicorn Attack on Facebook.