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Social Media? Not Using It – Lose It

Not Using It? Lose It!
Not Using It? Lose It!

Social media is about connecting. One of my pet peeves is for business websites to have social media icons to various platforms, but they have not updated them for months or sometimes years.

My rule is, if you are not using it – lose it!

We all have our favorite social media accounts to use and some of us will use more than others, but if you are going to have the icon on your website, you should try to do one update a week and at the minimum of once a month. If you cannot keep on top of that consider farming out your social media updates to an employee or contactor.

When you are operating in a competitive market, social media interaction may be the one thing that helps differentiate you from your competitors. Especially if you are providing value to users in the things you are doing on social media.

It does not have to be difficult to keep your platforms updated. You can use an application like Hootsuite or Sendible to schedule, repeat, and save updates to reuse. In fact with Hootsuite, you can even send the same update to multiple profiles with one click.

Don’t make things hard for yourself, boost traffic and engage clients with the smart use of social media.



We Do More When It Comes to Social Media

Nancy McCord
“Just Nancy” – My Point of View for Today.

We are different and truly focused on quality and content when it comes to social media writing.

Here’s how:

  1. We use only American writers.
  2. We use only college educated, mature professional writers.
  3. We hand select the background information for our team of 10 writers.
  4. We decide what keywords will be used in your hashtags when used.
  5. We have four social media installers, who load the content in our writer’s portal and schedule your updates.
  6. We have an master’s graduate proofread all your content after it has been installed in our writer’s portal before being published.

But our service does not stop there…

The day your update is to appear, we verify that it has published and republish it if the time was missed.

We will typically touch an update we write (even Twitter) 8 times from start to finish/publish. If you are looking for quality content, turn key operation, and an attention to detail from your social media writers and managers, we invite you to review our programs for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


More Business Owners Want LinkedIn Writing Services

Get professional writing for your LinkedIn profile.
Get professional writing for your LinkedIn profile.

We are now writing at LinkedIn for a number of business owners and our phone is ringing off the hook with more wanting to get into our work queue.

Why the interest in LinkedIn?

The popularity of LinkedIn is growing. For businesses that think Facebook and Twitter are not important to their customer base, LinkedIn usually is. We see more “business to business” businesses focused on LinkedIn and more “business to consumer” businesses focused on Facebook activity.

Plus LinkedIn has made nice improvements on its platform and now has more users than even Twitter.  LinkedIn reports that is has 433 million registered users. Students and recent college graduates are a strong growing demographic and is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet.

What do we provide for LinkedIn Services?

If we both feel that we are the right match (and we are not for every client), we can write status updates that are newsy and industry specific on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.

Additionally we provide additional account building services by interacting with your existing follower base, work to grow followers slowly, and add a blog post to your profile on a weekly schedule at our hourly rate.

For many busy professionals this gives them the support they need to grow their profile and not worry about quality content and high level professional review and interaction with their followers.

Find out more about these special services for LinkedIn as well as pricing.


The Power of Social Activity in LinkedIn

Find out how to build your LinkedIn presence.
Find out how to build your LinkedIn presence.

We are seeing more clients start to get active on LinkedIn as a way to boost their business and it makes perfect sense for some industry professionals to really spend some time building their presence there.

For those that are just getting started on using LinkedIn, here are my “power” tips to build your profile and get some “buzz” going.

Be Complete
Make sure your profile is complete. Have a great photo, update your resume, and start posting interesting newsy updates.

Encourage Connection
LinkedIn is not like Facebook. I would not be overly selective of who friends you. Typically I take all comers except those who look like spammers. I accept all reviews and recommendations from those that offer them.

Post Your Blogs
I like to see users post their blog posts in LinkedIn. A well written blog post can be shared and liked extensively in the LinkedIn network. As not many people are using this feature at this time, it allows your content to be seen.

Connect Your Address Book
I do recommend on set up that you allow LinkedIn to connect your address book and that you try to “friend” people in your existing network who are already on LinkedIn. You’ll find that most business professionals and business owners do have LinkedIn profiles. Leverage this access to start building your presence.

Offer Unique Information
When you post to LinkedIn try to provide a unique piece of content or at the minimum post content at a time that is different than when you feed content out to Facebook or Twitter. I like to provide unique content for LinkedIn that caters to the business community versus content that is geared to the consumer that would typically appear on Facebook. Consider your audience.

If you need help getting going on LinkedIn and want a writer to help to build your presence, make sure to visit our website to review our LinkedIn writing services.


As Search Shrinks, Social Grows

Man having an idea!
Mobile has shaken the world of search.

As a void is created in search by the changes that the mobile web has brought about, social media is filling the gap by becoming the “go to” location for reviews and personal recommendation.

Is Search (As We Know It) Dying” is an excellent point of view and a great read for today.  As the author notes, social media icons like Facebook are deep into development for the next generation of search and mobile use. One of the biggest pushes are for artificial intelligence and personalized assistants; keeping users tied in and connected.

Take into account activity on social networks, where queries like “I am visiting London, England next week, what have you done or loved that I should make sure to put on my to do list?” are commonplace and readily answered by friends, family and acquaintances.

Although users have loved, then hated, and now appear to love again social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, I am seeing more businesses and consultants feel that it is now time to get serious about establishing and keeping a presence on these social media sites.

Courtney Danyel (the author of the aforementioned article) puts it all succinctly in this ending comment, “In the long run, brands and businesses focusing the majority of their energy on optimizing for search will face the inevitability of stunted reach and growth.” I could not agree more.


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media Nightmare, Where Should I Be?

Confused about how to effectively promote your business on the Web?
Confused about how to effectively promote your business on the Web?

You hate Facebook, but your customers are there. You just don’t get Twitter, isn’t that for teenagers? Too busy for LinkedIn? All these social media sites may seem like too much trouble for some business owners to get involved with, but did you know your competition is there and so are your future customers!

How do you demystify where you personally should spend your time and on what social media sites? It is easy, look at your demographics in Google Analytics.

If your customer/reader base is 18 to 29 to 30 years old or so, you’d better be on Twitter.

If your customer/reader base is 30 to 60 years old or so, you’d better be on Facebook.

If you are selling business to business, regardless of age, you’d better be on LinkedIn.

How do you find your own Google Analytics stats?

  1. Go to “Audience” in the left side navigation, then go to “Demographics” and then select “Age”.
  2. There you’ll be able to see your visitors from the last 30 days organized by age groups.
  3. Make sure that you check average session duration, pages per session, and bounce rate.
  4. Based on what you see for your own traffic then make a decision on where you should selectively be on social media.

Don’t feel that just because you may not be on social media that your business does not need to be there. Social media use is an excellent way to start building a community of readers loyal to your message.

Not sure where to start? At McCord Web Services, we make it easy for you. Check out our writing rates for social media with service options for frequency. You are sure to find something that fits your budget.