Branding Yourself is the Way to High Organic Placement

What website owners used to do to get organic search placement simply does not work anymore pre or post Panda! I’ve found a great article that really says it all when it comes to explaining why. I think you will find it interesting reading.

These are things that have worked in the past for organic placement (some are really old) that do not work now:

  • keyword stuffing into html comment code
  • keyword dense domain names
  • home page with a high level of keyword density on one or two phrases
  • submitting your website URL to hundreds of directories
  • link to your website from forums or blog comments

Now what works is to consolidate your web efforts, no more spin off websites that are keyword dense on one service and are only five pages deep and no more websites that just have a listing about what you sell or service.

What works for placement today is:

  • an information rich website with content that is updated frequently
  • a website that blogs on domain that earns inbound links slowly over time
  • a larger website meaning more pages that inform customers and educate them
  • a more text oriented and less graphically complex website that has a super speedy load time
  • a website that uses smart architecture that allows for keyword named directories
  • smart activity in social media like Twitter and Facebook pointing back to the parent website

It’s time to consolidate your efforts and market your business and services as a brand. A brand that has a strategy to inform, entertain, and interact with prospects and readers while providing unique information written with an eye on selling your product/services features and benefits. Need someone who can do just that, check out our website for more information.