Google is Paying to Watch Your Web Surfing

Google is immersing themselves into market research with a new program they announced on February 10th called Screenwise. You can read the announcement here. Additionally it was reported on the web that Google has just recently bought some new domain names reflecting their strong interest in expanding Screenwise.

“Google said, “Through the new Screenwise initiative, US users aged thirteen and over will be paid up to $25 in Amazon gift cards to have their web site behavior monitored. Additionally, those panelists aged over 18 will be automatically entered into a monthly sweepstake, with a chance to win prizes such as a ‘luxury’ vacation to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Cancun; a variety of electronic goods; tickets to events; or downloads.”

“Google says it will use feedback from panelists to learn how people use the Internet, in order to offer them better products and services.”

Interesting so now if you are willing to allow Google to watch your every move on the Internet, they’ll pay you a token amount. The information that Google will be gleaning from observing user activity will surely impact results and new service offerings. Much of the intelligence will be used to fine-tune social programs and AdWords advertising.

I’ll look forward to seeing what new products Google will roll out this next year as the feedback comes in.