Should You Use YouTube Embedded Video or Flash?

For web designers, it is a question that is troubling – should you embed a YouTube video in your website page or should you render the video into Flash. There are cases to consider using either.

Embed a YouTube Video

You want want to pull the “share” <iframe> video code to embed your website page if you have an active YouTube channel or want to drive traffic to it. Loading your video onto YouTube makes it shareable not only for your site, but for others as well. Additionally, YouTube makes sharing your video easy on a blog.

Render Your Video into Flash

This used to be the preferred way for a website designer to share a video on a web page. The super snappy load time and ability to control the size and frame design made it a preference, but not necessarily today in our world of smartphones. Remember iPhones still can’t read Flash. Using a Flash video solved the problem that some browsers USED To have with <iframe> code which┬áis not a problem today.

My Preference

My preference is to use the <iframe> from YouTube for embedding video in website pages. Even just two years ago, the Flash route gave more compatibility, but in today’s world YouTube video embed code is definitely the way to go.