Skype Is Coming Soon to Your Account

My office assistant works remotely and he and I manage our work together through a calendar in, Sky Drive, and Skype. I am excited that soon Microsoft will integrate Skype into making it easier for us to do business.

My son is my assistant and when he returned to college three hours north of us we needed a way to stay in touch with tasking and to effectively manage files we both work on. Plus we found out that his cell phone doesn’t work great up in the mountainous Frostburg area. In preparation for him leaving we tried all types of applications to stay in touch. We settled on the ease of use of and Skype.

For over a year Microsoft has promised to include Skype in its set of online tools. Right now Skype is available in in the UK and the recent announcement states that Skype will be available for USA users in summer 2013. ¬†When it’s available you’ll need to download a browser plug-in, but one will be available for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

To access the new feature you’ll simply click an new icon near a contact, in an instant message, or in an email. This new integration will make a terrific tool for business and personal use. I’ll let you know when I see this appear in my own account, but for now, just know it is coming and something to definitely consider checking out.