More Things You Can Do to Promote Your B&B Inn

Fall Leaves Along the Hudson River
Fall Leaves Along the Hudson River

Continued from Monday on how to promote your Bed and Breakfast Inn.

4. Pictures Have Power.

The web is now a very visual medium. Make sure that you have videos, images, and pictures that show people and connect your B&B to the local marketplace. Great shots would be shopping local for the food you will be serving. Taking on a cause like supporting local farmers, serving only local honey or artisan cheeses. When you snap a pic and share it on Facebook or your website, you are able to communicate in a moment who you are and what you do as well as put a powerful face behind your message.

5. Make it Personal.

People who stay at a bed and breakfast want to feel like part of your family – well kind of but not too much. I do feel that it is important to put a personal face to your inn, but without overly sharing. Remember, guests although they do want to connect, they do not want to know every detail, they are still mainly at your inn to visit the area not be on a “family vacation” where you are their family. Over sharing can work against you so keep it professional on your website and at their visit. Be the helpful “aunt” or “uncle”.

We had one inn where the owner tried to have a political conversation on a hot topic at the breakfast table and another where the owner simply served food and let guest chat amongst themselves. I personally found the chatting with guests more pleasurable than created conversations hosted by the innkeeper. Keep in mind what YOUR guests want and like and cater to that.

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