Twitter Analytics Can Help Unlock Keys to Your Success

Screen shot of Twitter's new analytics tool.
Screen shot of Twitter’s new analytics tool.

Twitter has a new tool and if you have not checked it out yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  It is called Twitter Analytics. This new tool allows you to dig into who is following you and what is happening in regards to interaction with your tweets.

Twitter Analytics, accessed from, can give you additional insights that are valuable for changing or enhancing what you write about and who you would want to follow and connect with. You can view information on tweet interaction and even follower demographics.

Here are just a few tidbits that you can find out about your Twitter audience using my own audience data as an example.

1. 81% of my followers are men.

2. 81% of my followers are interested in marketing tips.

3. 58% of my followers are interested in SEO.

4. 44% of my followers also follow @DrJeffersnBoggs.

5. 4% of my followers are in New York City, 4% in Washington DC,  and 4% are in LA.

Just this information alone will help me to tailor better updates for my followers and work harder to engage them. Twitter Analytics is free for now.

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