Why I Love the Amazon Experience

Nancy McCord
“Just Nancy” – My Point of View for Today.

I love Amazon, but I think my husband loves it more than I do as he shops more. We have been Amazon Prime Members for years and I have used a Kindle Fire since they were first launched.

We are an Amazon family and our kids each have Amazon Prime Student accounts and I just bought 4 Amazon Fire tablets for family members due to the fabulous Amazon experience and ease of use with integrated books, music, apps, and shopping. I guess you could say that our family is an Amazon advocate.

What is it that makes the Amazon Experience so great?

  1. Ease of use.
  2. Integration of desktop account management and integration with Kindle Fire.
  3. Exceptional customer service that shine when there are problems; infrequent as they are – hey it’s life.
  4. One stop shopping experience, due to my shopping habits, Amazon is typically the place I will start a purchase.
  5. Free shipping with same day or two day shipping from the Amazon Prime Membership.

What can you learn from Amazon to improve the experience on your own website and earn advocates.

  1. Free shipping will make you stand out from competitors.
  2. Exceptional customer service that is easily reachable when a consumer has an issue. The ability to phone and talk to a real person is very important.
  3. Ease of shopping experience across all devices is super important.
  4. Have a wide selection of products that meet consumer needs at competitive prices.
  5. Excellent results with every purchase – are you consistent in delivering?

Now it’s time to think about what you deliver when it comes to your own services in  your own industry. Do you provide an experience and results that makes your own customers become your advocates?

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