Just Nancy – Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

Is Facebook pay per click right for you?
Is Facebook pay per click right for you?

Facebook pay per click advertising – does it work? Should I use it?

The answer to both questions is yes and yes.  First does it work? Yes Facebook pay per click advertising does work to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page – you choose where you want the traffic to go. I personally like sending a reader to your website to a specially designed landing page that works to elicit a response from the prospect;  like downloading an ebook or signing up for a newsletter or better yet completing an information request form.

Second, should you use it? Well, this depends on your budget and goals. If you are not using Google AdWords, Facebook is great place to get low cost activity. However typically you will need to be a do it yourselfer for set up and management due to Facebook’s nature and location of the credit card for an account. I do like the ability to target by demographic and the click cost is typically much lower than AdWords.

Here’s the big caveat – if your potential customer is over 35 years old Facebook is the place. For a young set up customers Snapchat and Intagram are where your customers are spending their time. They may be feeding updates to Facebook, but are typically not on the Facebook platform.

Although we do not manage Facebook advertising for most customers, for a select set of VIP clients we do perform management services. My recommendations are based on what I see happening in real client accounts.