Using Lists With Facebook

Sorting my friends into lists has revolutionized my experience on Facebook. If you have not started to use this relatively new feature then you really should consider doing so.

You need to access all you friends first. Go to the menu bar item on the left sidebar that says All Connections. On this page will will see a list of all of your friends and their photos. on the left side of their listing click the link there, as I have all mine in lists, my link says “lists”, yours may say something different. Mouse over create a new list and create a category for that person. I have my account set up with lists for Family, Friends, Work, and Acquaintances.

Work your way through your friends list assigning friends to one or more lists that you have created. Now, go back to your profile home page. You will see a new navigation feature under status updates with the name of your new lists. You can sort how your lists appear there by just dragging them into the order you would like.

For me, no longer do I have to wade through the wall postings and status updates of acquaintances that clutter up my home page, I can go to family and see immediately what my son or nephew is doing. Using lists is a huge time saver and as your Facebook account grows allows you to stay in control over what you see in a glance.

Using the New Facebook Privacy Settings

Almost a month ago Facebook rolled out some new privacy setting features giving you greater control over who can see what on your Facebook account. It has taken me a while to get around to reviewing how to use these new settings and if you were like me, you may not have reviewed them yet.

First, you can access these settings once you login to your account by clicking privacy on the top links where you would access your profile settings. Mouse over the link called settings and a drop down box will appear with an option called “Privacy Settings”. You will have several options in each of the links that appear on the next screen. You will be offered setting updates for your profile, search, news feed and wall, and applications.

Work your way through each setting deciding whether you want videos and photos to show and to whom in your network. You can even select if photos you are tagged in will appear on just your wall or your friends’ walls. You can choose how much or how little to show in each category.

Additionally, the new settings allow you to control exactly what from your friends shows on your wall as well. For me, as I am friends with young people in my family but use Facebook for work and personal combined, I do not necessarily want business acquaintances to see what the young people in my network are doing and saying. Another really big thing that I have just started using, in addition to the privacy settings, is the Facebook grouping feature. I’ll talk about that Wednesday so make sure to check back.

Facebook Vanity URLs

There’s still time, but you should act quickly. You can get an easier URL to remember and share for your Facebook page. Facebook launched the vanity URLs several weeks ago, so many of the best and smallest names are already gone, but there is no time to waste.

Next time you log into your Facebook account you will probably see a list of URLs that Facebook suggests for you. You can even check some of your own selections. If you are like some of our clients, you clicked this closed and now that you want a vanity URL you cannot find where to get one in the Facebook control panel settings.

Here’s how to get your vanity URL:

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Enter this URL in your browser: 

3. This will bring up the Vanity URL screen and allow you to select your vanity URL.

So what’s the big deal? Well my vanity URL is that is a whole lot easier to remember than what it was before with a huge string of numbers and characters.

Should You Advertise on Facebook?

If you use Facebook, then you will understand my post more clearly. If you have just heard of Facebook or know that it is popular, you may want to consider advertising on Facebook. Due to its reach Facebook may be a good place to advertise your products, but only if you are interested in brand identification.

I have been using social networking for quite a while. I have quickly embraced LinkedIn and Facebook when they arrived on the scene, and I am an active user. I have never clicked a Facebook ad – ever! In fact, as I did research for a client who wants to place ads on Facebook, the web consensus was that the exposure is great but if you want sales use Google AdWords.

Facebook would be considered the content network if we were talking about Google AdWords. We know from years of professional account management that content exposure has its place but is not right for every client. The content network is excellent for introducing a new concept and helping people to know your product’s name, but if you want sales, you don’t want to invest a lot of money for this exposure in this network.

If you feel like you want to ride the popularity curve on Facebook, you may want to advertise, but keep in mind the parameters and set your expectations accordingly. You may get better bang for your buck by investing your personal capital to build your Facebook friend network, create a fan page, and then create a fan group and network for your business instead of paying by the click or thousand impression for an ad. If you do a Google Search on success of advertising on Facebook you will be able to read some real world examples of advertisers and their comments and that they found the results better with Google AdWords.

Don’t take my advice in this area, but take time to review others experience on this topic. I just know that with as many items found on a Facebook page and ad can get lost. I also know that personally as long as I have used Facebook, I have never clicked on a single advertisement, do you? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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