What to Consider When Thinking About Using Facebook Advertising

Put Facebook to Work Using Their Pay Per Click Advertising
Put Facebook to Work Using Their Pay Per Click Advertising

Here are my tips as to when you may want to consider advertising your business and services on Facebook.

One, if you have a relatively low ad budget and want to test if pay per click might be a good option to grow your business, Facebook pay per click advertising is a good match.

Two, if you have customer demographics that fit with the older Facebook user, Facebook advertising may be a good fit for your needs. If your audience is in their 20’s and 30’s consider Instagram instead of Facebook.

I have had clients have success advertising products and services on Facebook. Here are some additional considerations if you decide that you would like to try it out.

One, make sure you are monitoring comments. Readers will post comments to your ads and if you are not watching competitors may even post their own links in the comments.  You can delete any comments you find offensive or not business enhancing. It is not uncommon for trolls to post negative things on your ads, so it is crucial that you be monitoring ad comments.

Two, I do not typically encourage driving Facebook pay per click traffic to your Facebook page but rather to your website so your message is shaped to put you in the best light.

If you need help on strategies or evaluation of Google Ads as an option, make sure to visit our website for more information and pricing.

You’ve Got to Pay to Boost Posts on Facebook

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Do You Like the Facebook Boost This Post Button?

Facebook advertising – it just does not happen magically with the click of a “Boost This” button in your business’ Facebook timeline. I was chatting with the owner of a start up recently and she mentioned that she was advertising on Facebook (at least she thought she was) but missed the connection between paying and playing.

First, I do like Facebook advertising for some businesses. It is easy to set up, easy to manage, and for the typical business owner, they do not need an account manager.

Here’s where my colleague went wrong with Facebook advertising. You MUST enter in a credit card into your own personal profile for your business Facebook account which is treed off of your personal page first. Then on your Facebook business page, when you click “Boost Post” you can select the advertising and cost you want to spend and other criteria to run a small pay per click promotion, but until you enter your credit card at the personal page level, you can click “Boost This Post” until your finger is sore and get no results.

It sounds simple, but you would be amazed at the confusion that the boost button causes others who are not well versed in the arena of pay per click.

Introducing Our New Facebook Advertising Management Program

With Facebook being the place to meet clients and prospects on the Web, Facebook advertising is really something you may want to strongly consider at this time. Because we’ve had so much interest in Facebook pay per click and are already managing several client accounts, we have rolled out a formal program. You can find out more about our Facebook Advertising Program.

For $100 we’ll set up your Facebook Advertising Program and for a monthly charge of $100 we’ll manage it and update your ad creatives weekly. That’s only $25 per week for management! With some services charging a minimum start up cost of $400, 12% of your ad spend, and $25 for each new creative they add to your account, we think you will find our Facebook advertising services a real value.

Although you don’t need us to set up Facebook pay per click advertising for you as it is fairly simple, there may be situations where you don’t have the time or know how on how to effectively manage Facebook to get results. Our services aren’t the right match for everyone, but for the busy professional or business owner who has heard about the value of Facebook, our services offer the opportunity to get started on Facebook at a practical price.


AdWords Keyword Discovery

Not every keyword you can dream up for your products is a good keyword to use in Google AdWords. When determining what keywords to use, I find it crucial to also think about the type of matching that should be used as well.

For some general keywords broad match should be considered off limits. A better use for some keyword phrases would be only phrase match or exact match. The default for AdWords is broad match. When you wrap your keyword phrase with ” it is called phrase match. When you wrap your keywords with [ it is called exact match. Google reviews your match type in determining how to show your keywords.

If you are getting many impressions but your click through rate is low, then you may need to carefully review what broad match keywords you are using and either pause them or show them instead as phrase match or exact match terms. Remember when it comes to broad match, Google adds other words in your phrase, before, after, in between, and even uses synonyms. In some cases your broad match term could be showing ads on search phrases that are not even remotely pertinent to your services.

I am not saying broad match keywords are not usable in a well structured AdWords campaign, but that thought should be given to the words before a match type is selected.

Transition from Yahoo Ads to Bing Ads

If you have been advertising on Yahoo, now is the time to carefully review your Yahoo account. Specifically in regards to the character count in your ad text titles. The reason for this careful review is for you to be ready for account migration from the Yahoo PPC platform to MSN adCenter which is the platform for Bing.com ads.

Yahoo has allowed up to 40 characters in the title. Bing/Microsoft will only allow 25 characters including spaces. For accounts that have been migrated already and did not make the changes, adCenter simply drops the ads. I had one client do his own migration and no ad text imported which was a huge problem for a program of his size.

By the end of this month all ads served on Yahoo and Bing will be controlled from the Microsoft adCenter control panel. It is by far better for you to control what gets imported and prepare now than to have an import arbitrarily done for you.

Don’t wait, get started in preparing your account this week to prevent end of the month problems.

Yahoo is Going Away – Well at Least the PPC Part

This past weekend I sadly removed all information about Yahoo Search Marketing from my website. I have been a Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador for years and have offered Yahoo PPC set up and management services. MSN adCenter however is taking over the Yahoo PPC control panel and is already serving Bing ads and Bing search results on Yahoo.

A sad goodbye to Yahoo Search Marketing. I’ve seen plenty of changes over the years and have always felt that Yahoo PPC was a good product and in many cases had strong conversions for businesses who advertised there. But, I am looking forward to the changes that are ahead as Yahoo and Bing merge.

One thing that I have found as the transition from Yahoo to Bing continues this month is that the automated import from Yahoo to adCenter can be problematic for accounts that do not have a good account structure and which have not readied their ads. In one case that I just recently saw for a very large program, the keywords all came over but nearly none of the ad text imported.

Before you click to import your account to adCenter, make sure to review your Yahoo ad titles you must be at 25 characters including spaces to have your ads import. If you are at 40 which is what Yahoo had allowed, your ad text will most likely not import into adCenter.

So goodbye Yahoo we’ll miss you, but be savvy and prepare your Yahoo account before you migrate to adCenter. By the way, Bing says that most accounts will be fully migrated by the end of October or so. Bing and Yahoo want to have completed the change before holiday promoting and shopping for year end take place. – a smart move!