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Is Your Website AMP’ed Up Yet?

We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing, Mobile, and Display.
We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing, Mobile, and Display.

Is your website AMP’ed? If it is you most certainly know that I am talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Google loves them.

If you are not, it is relatively easy to create an AMP page template for your HTML website. Just follow some of these links to learn more and to see examples.

If you have a WordPress website there are a number of great plugins you can use. I like the following:

As AMP’ed websites are important from Google viewpoint and Google is actively showing AMP pages in the mobile index, it is important to know and understand why your website needs to embrace AMP now.


Facebook for Business Part Two

This post is continued from Monday.

What about Facebook likes?
What about Facebook likes?

What about likes?
People no longer need to like your page to read or follow the content, but many will.  That being said, not everyone who likes your Facebook business page will see your updates in their newsfeed. But, that does not mean you should not write something meaningful and interesting for Facebook. Consider what you do there a great way for people to be introduced to what you do and how you do it.

Facebook comment moderation
Don’t set it and forget it. If you are scheduling content, make sure that when you personally go to Facebook to see the next cute cat video that you are monitoring your own business page. Many times I will see as we take over page management that no one has been responding to customer questions, complaints, or requests for service. You would be absolutely amazed to find out that many businesses have action happening on Facebook but are totally unaware that it is happening. In many cases the first place a comment about a problem with a service will be on your Facebook business page. So make sure you are regularly watching for messages and interactions.

Facebook advertising – low cost and valuable clicks
I have had good experience with Facebook advertising. For $500 or so you can get nice click and conversion traffic to your website. I do not recommend pointing your ads to your Facebook page. Give your full marketing experience to your clickees by sending them to your website and sweeten the pot by building unique content and a special offer just for them. Facebook advertising is very easy to set up and is accessed from your own personal Facebook page but pointed to your website or your own Facebook business page.

It is weird but true, when we use Facebook to drive traffic to a website, we grow Facebook likes too. Not sure why, but typically I see 50 new likes each week from advertisers spending as little as $500 a month for Facebook ads.

Every Facebook account starts out small! Just get started and build over time. It is not unusual for a business after several years to have over 4,000+ Facebook likes. Make sure you are leveraging contact at Facebook for your business by starting today.

Need a Facebook content writing service? We do that and we do it well. Find out more about our Facebook writing services.


Tips to Moving Your Law Website Away from – Part Two

Continued from Monday.

We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Search Marketing
We Are a Google Partner Specializing in Internet Marketing

FindLaw does not make it easy for you to move. Roadblocks and delays are all part of the tactic to get you to decide it is too hard to move.

Here are more tips on how to move out of FindLaw.

Your mobile version of the website will be broken.
The static site you will receive, will work in mobile, but have no navigation. I am still working on this issue, but one easy work around is to use DudaMobile to render the mobile version of the site and simply install a “script” to sniff for mobile devices that DudaMobile provides.

Make sure you search out and remove FindLaw links.
Use Dreamweaver to ferret out the hidden links to FindLaw in your source code. I found links in the head tag and links in the footer, as well as links to broken elements like site search, client testimonials, and review us buttons. As a site owner, understand that your webmaster really needs time to find these, create new links or elements to replace all these things that are broken.

As far as I am concerned on the site I am working on, these dynamically scripted elements are not needed to make the site work and look good. Don’t let your webmaster take time to try to fix them especially if you will use your site for only one year.

Make sure to get ownership of your social media accounts.
FindLaw sets up social media for your website, but not in your name. Make sure that before your subscription with them expires that they transfer ownership to you so that you will be able to update your social media profiles.

Know that you will need to have a newly scripted contact form.
The static site will not arrive with a working contact form. Make sure your webmaster knows that time needs to be factored in to create one and test it on your new hosting server.

You will now need to buy your own hosting.
Make sure that your webmaster sets these accounts up in your name. Otherwise you simply move from FindLaw to another gateway but this time with a webmaster taking over.  Before you move make sure you know where your mail server is and who owns and has access to your domain name. Assure that the domain name is tied to your business not FindLaw or your new webmaster.

Make sure link testing is done as the static site is brought up and online.
I found that even top of page links in the content were broken. Easy to fix, but as you work on these static sites, you start to see just where the “warts” are. Link references are wrong, image URLs are not correctly defined – and all need review and fixing.

It is not inexpensive to move out from FindLaw but in the long run owning your own site files allow you to spend money where YOU want – maybe in Google AdWords where you’ll get better lead results.

I estimate that the initial review of the problems and site renovation will cost this client $1,500 to $2,000 initially but the annual cost saving from FindLaw to self ownership is $30,800 a year. That’s a nice chunk of change to spend on Google AdWords, blogging, and social media and be building a site you truly own, not one you “think” you own but that is not really easily transportable.



Introducing Our Summer Intern, William McCord

William McCord, Our Summer Intern
William McCord, Our Summer Intern

William McCord, my 20 year old son, has joined the firm for the summer in a Computer Science internship.

William is a rising Junior in Computer Science with an interest in programming, GIS, and cyber security at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

With a passion for computer programming, he is already helping to implement and tweak complex scripts for AdWords account management as well as fine-tuning his HTML and CSS skills for website design.

This summer, he will be focusing on WordPress management, site design customization, website security, mobile-friendly e-newsletters, and AdWords script programming.

He is a incredibly fast learner, innovative, and a hard worker. We are excited to welcome him into our office.