Take Your Kids to Work Day

Today two of my three children will be blogging. I’m just letting you know ahead of time. :0)

Today is “take your kids to work day” here in Maryland. One of my 12 year old triplets is going with my husband to the Naval Research Laboratory and the other two triplets are staying here in my office today. They think that they will have it easy. They expect to watch me for about five minutes and then go off and play their video games. They have no idea what I have in store for them.

Actually I have an incredibly busy day ahead. I am working on two design projects and have several regular webmaster updates to do as well as a phone conference planned and several other projects. I plan on keeping them very busy. In fact as a project they will each be doing a blog post on Monday so get ready!

Kids need to know first hand what their parents do for work. It can give them a wonderful sense of reality to see that no Mom does not sit in front of the computer and do games nor does she talk endlessly on the phone with friends, she is actually working earning money for the family and that the work is hard and takes time to do.

These are some of the things that I am having my kids do today:

  1. Answer all the phones.
  2. Punch holes in papers for client time sheets.
  3. Do a blog post on my blog about their experience.
  4. Log how many phone calls I make and receive.
  5. List the time spent on web design, Internet marketing services, and client management.
  6. Review the blog posts from our 7 blog writers to see if they are done and on time.
  7. Write a report for school on what their Mom actually does.
  8. Make me lunch, get me drinks, and be my go-fer for the day.

Actually I think they will be surprised at the wide variety of things that I do and the number of calls and projects I accomplish in one day. Although I have a full day planned, I know that my schedule has simply been flown out the window, so if you get a McCord child on the phone today, don’t get your email responded to, you will know why, I am performing a very important task in regards to preparing future web designers and Internet marketing managers.

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