Pro Bono Work? Do You Do It?

I used to when I was first starting out in web design in 2001. If I was in your club or organization I offered to design your website or webmaster your website for free, but I no longer do Pro Bono work.

There is a place for free services and typically that place is for new start-ups or web businesses that are trying to get their foot in a market. You cannot demand top dollar when you are untested and unknown. But once you have paid your dues and established a clientèle base, most businesses, such as mine, no longer offer free services.

What do you do about Pro Bono or free work requests? Do you do them? If you do are you established or just getting started? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as a reality check for my view point.

Why we are on that topic how about family work? Do you do it? Do you discount your services or offer them free? I have worked for family members and find that for me mixing business and pleasure is not the best solution. I do not seek to perform services for family members or friends. I value the relationship too much to have business stresses interfere. What about you?