Structuring Your Account to Use Dynamic Text – Part I

It is a known fact that using dynamic text in your ad program will increase the click through rate and may even increase conversions. A crucial step for success is to properly structure your Bing Ads account to make dynamic text work for you. More often than not, a haphazard use of dynamic text may actually increase impressions without an increase in clicks and can potentially lower your program’s click through rate (CTR). By carefully structuring your account to use dynamic text properly you can increase CTR and improve conversions all at the same time.

Here’s what I do when using dynamic text in a Bing Ads account for best results:

  1. I typically do not add dynamic text insertion ad groups until I have an idea of keywords that generate leads in an account. I wait to set up a dynamic text ad group as it does take time both in creating a keyword list that is workable and time to create ad text that makes sense with the dynamic word or phrase insertion. I want to know what will be workable before I invest the time in set up. Plus, by waiting, I can pick specific high performance keywords or create break out programs based on past performance. I will typically do dynamic text programs in the first thirty days of account creation.
  2. I usually create small ad groups with a very small list of broad and phrase matched keywords when I am creating a program where I will use dynamic text insertion. Sometimes, my program may have only 10 to 20 keywords as I am doing testing. If I am promoting products for a florist, I would not use general keywords such as roses or daffodils, but rather “buy roses”; “buy daffodils” as my keywords and even variations in the same ad group with “purchase” and “order” in addition to “buy”. I may use broad match or just start out with phrase match keywords. The actual match types I will use will be based on what has happened in the rest of the account based on ad spend per day, cost per click, and number of impressions.

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